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Future Of Dining: QR Code Menus VS Traditional Menus

“Necessity is the mother of invention.”

  • Plato

Since the COVID outbreak in 2019, restaurants, cafes, bars, etc. worldwide have realized a major blow in their revenue. This is happening due to safety measures that are being taken in restaurants for increasing sanitized atmospheres in them. This has forced the owners of the businesses to rethink their business model. 

As said in the above sentence, necessities have always brought invention. QR code menus are such an invention that have filled up the gap between restaurants and consumers in these COVID scenarios.

Statista says, During a June 2021 survey, it was found that 59 percent of responding shoppers from the United States believed that QR codes would be a permanent part of using their mobile phone in the future; 11 percent disagreed with that statement. Additionally, it was found that QR codes were most popular among 18 to 29 years-olds”.

Therefore, QR codes are not popular among youths but also are filling the communication gap between restaurants and their consumers.

Nowadays, social media sites also use QR code scanners INSTAGRAM is one of the best examples of it. Have you generated your QR code on Instagram? If not! Here is the magic-
Login on Instagram profile, click on the upper side menu at 4th point you will get a QR code. You can also customize your QR code using emojis.

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What Are Restaurant QR Code Menus?

A QR code menu is a digital menu that is linked to a QR code. Upon scanning the QR code using a smart device the menu appears in the smart device. After that, you can choose their favorite food from the menu.

The National Restaurant Association in the USA, after a long-term discussion with academics, governments, and industries, has issued guidelines for restaurants in post-COVID situations. In the guidelines, they have suggested the application of single-use traditional menus or tech-enhanced menus like QR code menus. Also, as per a study in Good Morning America (the Newspaper), traditional menus are the single most contaminated stuff found on the table of restaurants.

In such scenarios, a restaurant owner like you have two options left:

  1. Print hundreds of paper-printed traditional menus. These menus need to be printed each day as contaminated ones can not be kept in the restaurant for longer.
  2. Buy a monthly package from us at market-competitive recurring charges per month.

How to create a QR code menus?

Although the creation of a QR code menu is totally dependent on the kind of technology it is being programmed. However, we have designed a pathway that does the creation of a QR code menu. Let us discuss the steps in detail.

  1. Log into our software for QR code generation.
  2. You will be redirected to the analytical dashboard where you see your sales and revenue statistics.
  3. Click on to QR code builder icon on the left-hand sidebar.
  4. Follow the instructions to create a colorful QR code menu for your needs.
  5. Download the QR code and get ready for every tough situation.

With the instructions in mind, we have created an easy-to-use QR code virtually. Now, let’s move forward to the next question of the episode.

How to use a QR code menu?

A QR code menu is one of the most advanced ordering and payment systems available in the market.  Let us discuss some steps on how to use it on smart devices.

  1. Download authenticate ‘QR scanner app’ on your smart device from Play or App Store.
  2. Open it to scan the QR code available physically at the restaurant. 
  3. You will get a link after scanning.
  4. Click on the link and your virtual menu is on your screen.

See how simple it is! Isn’t it?

What are some advantages of a QR code menu?

Now let us discuss some advantages of QR code menus. Also, we will discuss what is best for your business and how.

  1. You can perform live editing in the menu. This will help you change your menus as per the availability of your staff.
  2. You will save a lot of money by not printing your digital QR code menu again and again.
  3. Reduces staff costs and their contact with customers. Thus maintaining a hygienic environment.
  4. Increases order value and order times. The faster your order processing and payment gateways are, the larger is the order value.
  5. Increases the table value of the restaurant. People always look for empty tables at restaurants. In such cases, restaurants miss consumers and lose revenue. QR codes complete order processing in a faster manner. Thus allowing people to save time.
  6. Consumer data can also be collected to analyze it for further usage. This will increase your customer relations.
  7. The customer receives an overall good reception, greeting, and user experience at the restaurant. This increases the goodwill of the company.

Moving on to the next question of the day.

What to expect out of it?

There can be various aspects of QR code restaurants. Following are some features that should be expected out of QR code menus.

  • Self-Service: If your QR code doesn’t provide automation as much as it promises, do not use it. Here automation word is related to order processing and payments. Thus to conclude a QR code should have a flexible architecture.
  • QR code scanner app: Ideally the consumers shouldn’t need a QR code scanner app for ordering their food. There should be enough instructions on the website of the provider company on how to use it.
  • The menu template should be pre-optimized: The menu template should be easy to edit and access.
  • Offers variable color schemes and contrast: The color schemes offered by the QR codes should be just apt and soothing. This facilitates the easy scanning of QR codes.
  • Embedded logo: The QR code should contain an embedded logo. This facilitates branding and smoothens the public relations of the company.

What are some best practices while using a QR code menu?

Besides all the above factors, a QR code menu should contain so should be used as per best practices to increase sales and thus the brand value. Some of the best practices are discussed in the below-given steps.

  • Call-to-action button: Your QR code should be appealing to scanners and convey the message that “it needs to be scanned”. A simple QR code menu without much appeal goes unnoticed.
  • Marketing QR codes: Take the benefit of QR code portability and market your own QR code to places suitable.
  • Optimize QR code for Search Engines and Mobile: The QR code page should be well optimized for enhancing the mobile experience and increasing its visibility to search engines.
  • ADA complaint: Make sure that your QR code is up to ADA standards.


After the discussion, we have concluded that QR code  menus are the future of dining. While they are flourishing just like a blooming flower, traditional menus are going out of scope and are being replaced. What are your thoughts regarding it?

Do share your opinion below in the comment section!

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