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What is Blockchain Security

Blockchain is a system where the data of all bitcoin transactions is shared publicly. They keep the data in the form of bitcoin ID and no personal information of anyone we share it with. When anyone makes a new transaction, they add it into the blockchain in new blocks. They design blockchain in such a way that no hackers can have access to it. Otherwise, they can change blockchain history according to their will. The owners will lose track of their transactions and money, apart from all the blockchain security. There are still chances that blockchain can get hacked, and all the data of users are lost. Here are online helping systems software for bitcoin users to check all the security concerns.

Basic Blockchain Security

In the blockchain, this data keeps a history of blocks, and every league has a history of one or more transactions. In this system, there are blocks connected. This chain is known as a cryptographic chain. Due to this connectivity in the blocks, it is almost impossible for anyone to change the blockchain. Add new blocks according to their will—the recent transactions in blocks by adequately checking if the transactions are valid or not. No one can add new trades without checking if it is true or not. Blockchain technology is a decentralized technology as anyone can participate from all over the world. The process in which people check the validity of transactions and add new blocks in blockchain is known as mining. Due to verification by many miners, it is nearly impossible that one can make any mistake or a person can make changes in the history of transactions. The security mechanism differs in each blockchain type.

Public Blockchain

Public Blockchain is where anyone can access the information, and the people who are making a transaction are kept anonymous. In these blockchains, miners have to verify each transaction using computers, and the transaction is only considered valid in that case. If you look for an example of a public blockchain, bitcoin can be the best one. As in bitcoin, the miners have to check the authenticity of transactions using complicated mathematical equations, and they get bitcoin as their reward. The miners keep the proof of commerce, and One can use this information anytime. If they review transactions or any problem or threat occurs to those transactions. This security mechanism of a public blockchain used in the case is for all cryptocurrencies along with bitcoin.

Private Blockchain

This chain, as its name shows, is different from the public blockchain. Only a group of selected people or organizations can join this blockchain. Users have to purchase membership of private blockchains, and they only make it available for you to access if you have already purchased the membership. The transaction history of these blockchains is only accessible by the people who have a membership, and no one else can have access to it. The process in which private blockchain achieves consensus is called a selective endorsement. Only a group of people who are allowed can verify the transactions made by the private blockchain. They specifically design these private blockchains to achieve some business goals that all the blockchain members have set for themselves. To choose between both blockchain types, you have to determine which can be best for you and your business. If you have to follow the transactions strictly, private blockchain can be the option, and if you want more decentralization and equal distribution, public blockchain can suit you.

Cyberattacks and Fraud

As blockchain keeps the data of all transactions with maximum security and saves history, it doesn’t mean that the hackers or cybercriminals can not attack the bitcoin. In some cases, the attackers could access the private information and make changes in transaction histories. Sometimes, the attackers could exploit the code and access blockchain and assemble about 60 million dollars transactions according to their will. The actual owners had to lose their money. While in some cases, the hackers hacked the security keys of bitcoin. They used the hacked security keys without the knowledge of the owners. They often hacked the computer system of bitcoin exchange employees, took all the necessary information from their computers, and stole the currency.

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