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Thanks to the growing demand for SEO services, the SEO resellers program have been in demand. Despite the growing demand, it cannot be denies that though digital agencies need SEO resellers, they equally look at it as business viability.

Therefore, as an SEO reseller, generating ROI is the only way to ensure that the digital agency continues with you. So, how do you generate ROI as SEO resellers program??? So, here are some tricks that you can embrace to show that you are worth the ROI:

  1. Speed and user interface: Start with the website. Website ranking plays a key role in defining SEO ROI. Ensure that the website loads within no time and also that the website is mobile-friendly. A slow or heavy website leads to a lower ranking. Lesser traffic or clicks to the website means poor ROI. Here are some tricks to achieve fast loading websites:
  • Compress the image size of the images used on the website
  • Avoid animation or embedded videos. Instead, use external video support like YouTube.
  • Use on-page optimization tools
  • To reduce server response time
  1. Choose the right keyword: It is a known fact that keywords are the core of SEO. However, if you are looking at SEO from the ROI perspective, choosing long-tail keywords help a lot. Using these long-tail keywords in the title tags, meta description results in improved hits. Long-tail keywords have lesser competition, thus, resulting in you topping the search. That’s because someone using long-tail keywords in search means that he/she is out on a search with a purpose. Which in turn means he/she is a target customer/audience.
  2. Focus on local listing: Local listing is a great way to target your local customers. Targetting the local listing also enables you to gauge how many hits have actually converted into footfall or enquiries. However, to achieve this your must list your business Google My business and various free listing directories with following information:
  • Phone number
  • operating hours
  • Full address
  • Website details
  • social media handle links
  • location map
  • relevant pictures of the product and place
  1. Explore social media: SEO and ROI are at their best when social media comes to play. On social media, you can start any kind of campaign with a clear CTA. This not only builds your organic traction and hits but also lets you track the conversions because of the campaign from each platform. Therefore, ensure that you are sharing only interesting, engaging and informative content on all the social media platforms.
  2. Reuse and Recyle: Any content has longevity. So is the case with SEO and content. To ensure that you have an improved ROI on the SEO content, the trick is to recycle and reuse the content. In other words, revisit the content shared before. Package it in a new way and repost or reshare it. This not only gives you relief from creating a great amount of content but also allows you to kindle the old fire in a new way.
  3. Review and restructure: Calculation of ROI should be done in regular intervals. This is to ensure that you have space to rectify the strategy if it’s not moving as expected. Therefore, make it a practice to track and test. Track the performance, test the results and tweak the course of strategy if needed.

With the above techniques, you can be sure of being a competitive advantage as an SEO reseller. To achieve better SEO ROI you need to keep yourself abreast with the latest happenings in the search algorithm. Should embrace and know how to deal with the existing and new SEO tools. Must think of new ways to improve ROI. Encourage your clients to try SEO techniques.

Do remember that when it comes to ROI calculation, the digital agency that you work with looks at you as a service provider. And for you, the agency is the client. You both are no more partners. Therefore, you must have all the facts and numbers ready to make a point of what ROI you are generating for the agency. So, here are some association tips that you must follow on a regular basis to avoid any surprises:

  1. Ensure to get complete details about the business, the SEO goals and timelines.
  2. Define a strategy that is practical and achievable.
  3. Make the agency understand where the money is being spent? What are the instant sources of ROI and which ones are slow?
  4. Keep the communication transparent and honest.
  5. Make your agency feel that your goal too is better results and customer satisfaction.

Thus, with in-depth knowledge and the right tools at your perusal, generating ROI as an SEO reseller is not that tough. So, pull your think hat and the SEO tools to set out on mission SEO.

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