Twitch is a platform that is different to your usual social media platforms. It is a platform solely meant for streamers and their viewers. Surely you can interact with new people and make friends there, but the feature that platform offers is what makes it the ideal platform for streaming games, music, or just live streaming yourself for the purpose of interaction. It is a platform where a lot of people come live, interact with their followers, and earn money from that. Yes you read that right. A streamer can earn money from streaming on Twitch. Some big streamers on Twitch make their living off of Twitch payouts, and in this article, we’ll go over how Twitch payouts work, what is FollowersPanda and how can it affect a Twitch payout.

Payout methods on Twitch

Twitch doesn’t have its own payout method/service, so it uses third party methods to process a checkout. However, there are certain steps you need to complete to receive a payout. Let’s have a brief look at the steps you need to complete to get payouts from Twitch:

  • Payout registration
  • Twitch affiliate agreement
  • Tax interviews
  • Payout methods

Basically what you do is fill out the registration form with asked details, agree to Twitch’s terms, clear tax interviews, and select one of the several available payout methods and you’re done. Now let’s talk about how streamers earn money from streaming on Twitch, and how FollowersPanda is going to help you with that.

Earning on stream and FollowersPanda

The main source of earning of Twitch streamers are the donations made by their subscribers, who watch their favourite streamer do their thing and donate funds to them to show their love and support. Many big Twitch streamers make their living off of Twitch donations. 

Getting subscribers and followers on Twitch isn’t easy at all. You cannot just start streaming on Twitch and expect people to subscribe and donate. For that to happen, you need recognition and FollowersPanda helps you with that.

FollowersPanda is a website from where you can buy Twitch followers, and views for particularly Twitch. These views and followers attract more followers and eventually, if they like your content, they’ll subscribe and donate. The prices of FollowersPanda and its services are affordable and it is a trusted seller as well. You can buy Twitch followers, views, likes, view bots, etc. FollowersPanda is a pretty trusted site known to many popular Twitch streamers who’ve availed its services and are completely satisfied with them.

Buying followers on Twitch is certain to give you a headstart in the follower count which can make a difference in your growth on Twitch, and can be the reason you get your first payout earlier than you expect.


In this article, we went over how Twitch payouts work, and how in many ways, if you buy Twitch followers from FollowersPanda can affect your growth on Twitch. You can buy Twitch followers and other services at a low price and FollowersPanda is pretty trusted as well. It is one of its kind out there and is the best place to buy Twitch followers from.

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