Monica Turner
Monica Turner

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know about Mike Tyson’s Ex-Wife, Monica Turner

An unusual divorcee took place in the life of Monica turner as well as Mike Tyson, and it is also denoted as a shock for their fans. The event took place in the year 2003, and it was also suggested as the most uneven factor for the two. If you’re aware of the couple, but you are unaware of Monica turner, you can follow this article, it can be a guide for you to know the most unrevealed five factors about Monica turner, and it will be helpful for you to know these factors.

  1. The couple only had five years of the marital relationship.

You’re aware the mike Tyson and Monica turner had a marital relationship, but did you know that the marriage only lasts for five years, which is from the year 1997 to the year 2003, and they have ended up their relationship all of a sudden, for this reason, the news got a shocking one to the fans of both of the celebrity and the news was also very saddest news for the fans and the couples. This is also going to be a factor that most of the people were unaware of.

  1. Monica turner met Mike Tyson at a party.

Most people are unaware of their love story. Monica Turner is a very private person, and she does not want to share any details of her personal life with others. Due to this case, most people are unaware of the facts related to their relationship, their marriage, and their divorce. According to most sources, they met each other at a party, in 1997 and from the time their relationship started. Eddie Murphy threw the party, so it can be said that he has influenced a lot to begin their relationship. But, most of their fans are unaware of this fact and truth that the couple married to each other for just five years and started their journey from a joint party.

  1. The couple has two children.

Most people are unaware of the remarkable fact that the couple has two children, both of them are adults now. Also, the surprising factor against this feature is, between them, the girl child s from the previous relationship of the turner, and after their divorce, turner raised them up and now, both of them are adult, and now they are taking care of their mother. Most people are unaware that the girl child is from another relationship, and it is also denoted as a quick fact for the ties that mainly were unrevealed towards the fans. Their child is now 25 and 23 years old now, and they also love to stay away from the media ad craze, and they also love to have a private life with others.

  1. Turner is a pediatrician.

Most people are unaware that turner is a pediatrician, and she is comfortable staying out of the public craze, and she wants to live a private life. Also, from the year 2003, she is following the same thing, and she is raising their children alone, and they have lived a happy life till now, and they are still living a private life, most of the media are unaware of their whereabouts, and they love to stay away from the crowd.

  1. Turner and Tyson’s relationship was started at the time when Tyson was on a prison sentence.


Starting off the relationship for the couple was not so smooth. At the beginning of their relationship, Tyson was accused of rape case, and the couple continued their relationship at this time. During this period, they meet each other once in 20 days, and the incident helps them to increase their feelings about each other. Their relationship survived during this situation, and this was the beginning of their journey. This is a factor that most people don’t know as they want to keep their matter private from the media. Close friends of the couple have seen the situation, and the bonding was transparent between their closed ones. Though they have started their journey from a rigid bonding, they fail to survive their relationship due to an uncertain reason.


The article consists of more than one factor that was unrevealed for Monica Turner, who is the ex-wife of Mike Tyson, and she is also denoted as one of the private persons who want to keep their life confidential. Hopefully, this article can also be a helpful one for you to know about their lifestyle. This is also denoted as a quick factor for the person, and hopefully, it will help you learn about their personal life and the big reasons hidden about the marriage and their divorce. It will be a guide for you to know about the facts related to the Tyson and turner duo.

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