Get More Subscribers! The Secret to a Successful Subscription Business

Subscription vs a one-time payment, what makes a subscription better?

Subscription businesses have become quite popular with more people choosing to stay home as much as possible. Subscriptions offer members a way to receive the products or services they need on a reoccurring basis.

For example, those who want to avoid shopping in grocery stores can sign up for a subscription delivery service that will deliver their groceries to them once a week or however often they choose.

Subscription businesses don’t stop at grocery lists, however. You can find a subscription business for just about anything! Subscriptions aren’t limited to large businesses either.

Small businesses can benefit from a subscription business model too, but how do you bring in the cash?

The guide below will teach you all the best secrets on how to start a subscription business and remain successful. Continue reading to find out more!

How a Subscription Business Works

A subscription business works by offering members services or products set on a reoccurring timeline. This could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. There are three main types of subscriptions.

Curation, replenishment, and access are popular subscription models to consider for your own business. There are a few steps you’ll need to take in order to get your subscription startup running.

Here’s what you need to know.

Discover Your Subscription Model

The first step is to decide which subscription model you want to use. Think about what your products or services are. Would they fit into a subscription-based model for your business?

Then, consider which subscription model is right for you.


This type of subscription includes physical items, such as clothing, accessories for your pet, fishing gear, makeup, and more. These items are shipped to the member on a reoccurring basis to ensure they never run out.

Many companies enjoy sending out surprise boxes. Members know the type of items they’ll receive but not the specifics, which makes it a bit more interesting.


Replenishment subscriptions are in the category that contains household goods and groceries being delivered to a member on a regular basis. Some companies send groceries while others send shaving razors or paper towels.


Access subscriptions allow members to have full access to certain products that are only available through the subscription. This content is premium content that includes special features sometimes, such as free shipping or faster shipping.

Members might also sign up for a service that allows them to access a variety of movies, shows, or news articles only available through the access subscription.

Determine Pricing for Members

There are several factors to consider when determining your price. Take all of your business expenses into consideration when setting a price for your members.

What’s the cost of your items, shipping, advertising, payroll, and other business expenses?

What prices are competitors offering their members for similar products or services?

You need to take all of this into consideration and then formulate a price that’s fair yet profitable for you. You can always run promotions and offer discounts for users who sign up for several months at one time.

Give Your Terms and Conditions

Members want to see transparency. Make sure you give a clear explanation of your terms and conditions. Some things to consider when writing out your terms and conditions are the following:

  • State how to subscription works
  • State how the auto-renewal process works
  • State how they can cancel if desired
  • Require members to click an agreement box

After explaining how the entire subscription process works, it’s essential to have members check an agreement box that states they’ve read through everything. This will come in handy if a member argues a certain term or condition.

Start Advertising Your Subscription

You’ll then need to begin advertising. Remember, potential members won’t know about your subscription unless they’re told, so advertise where possible. Use all social media platforms to advertise.

Be sure to define how your subscription will better their daily lives. Give them a reason to want to become a member.

Will they save money over time by not having to drive to the store or pay for shipping?

Do they get quality products at discounted prices when becoming a member?

Don’t forget to stay in touch with current and past members either. Send out an email or text message asking them to complete a satisfaction survey. Stay on top of what’s working for members and what’s not.

Build Relationships With Members

Building relationships with your members is important for great customer service. You have a few people subscribe, but how do you keep them from wanting to cancel?

Having a great relationship with them will intrigue members to stay members. Offering a 24/7 support service and a subscription website that’s easy for both you and members to navigate is also important.

You want the subscription process to be simple. You want your members to know they have the freedom and can cancel at any time. You want making upgrades to subscriptions and receiving help easy for members as well.

Stay Flexible at All Times

The last thing to keep in mind is flexibility. Are you ready to stay flexible at all times? As a subscription business owner, you must learn how to remain flexible.

You’ll need to adjust pricing when necessary, provide flexible payment options, provide flexible subscription options, and switch up the products and services you offer from time to time. After a while, your members might not want to receive the same type of makeup or watch the same shows.

Be sure to have new and improved services and products ready to send out!

You’re Now Ready to Start Your Subscription Business

With all of this helpful information in hand, there’s no doubt that you’re now ready to start your own subscription business! Use the advice listed above to get you started down the right path.

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