Best Non-toxic Crib Mattress

Get Safe Sleep with Best Non-toxic Crib Mattress

According to the safe parent, these are the best non-toxic crib mattress covers, so there’s no need to “sleep on a haystack” like the safe parent.

Calming zippers

These zippers aren’t just functional, they’re good for the environment, according to the safe parent.

According to the safe parent, these zippers are easy on the conscience, too, so there’s no need to “check a watch” when they make the call.

Baby-approved straws

Here’s a trend that might surprise you, according to the safe parent. That’s right, this safe parent is a fan of baby-approved straws. According to The Safe Parent, these are the Best Non-toxic Crib Mattress.


Proctor & Gamble

The original wrap and all-terrain ability make this one of the best possible covers for children. Plus, it comes in many different styles and patterns.


Made with cotton, this one is another option that’s appropriate for both boys and girls. For slightly older children, you can also get one with a zipper.

Watkins Bedding

This cover comes in light blue, red, yellow, and green, and it’s also good for babies.

There are many different kinds of covers available on the market. So you will have to be sure to get one that works best for your particular baby’s sleeping position, according to the babywearing experts at Halo Sleeps.

Classic Waterproof Flexible Mattress

This mattress is 100% waterproof. This mattress is also hypoallergenic, cotton top and side, and supremely comfortable to the touch. The mattress has a great construction with flexible and durable polyurethane foam. This mattress is also extremely easy to clean with a newborn-size all-in-one kit included. This mattress is made of breathable, high-quality fabric, and is fully washable.

Baby bed mattresses are relatively low-priced, and even those mattresses that cost more than $100 can be as cheap as about $100. Baby beds tend to be simple with just one piece, and any quality mattress can be found in that price range.

Nerium & Ergo: Lightweight and simple, these cotton bed covers are 100% chemical-free and breathable. And, you’ll look stylish while sleeping.

Disney: A great choice for multi-level cribs, these plush ruffles are really affordable and a great addition to any nursery. They’re also 100% toxic free.


Jedlock Organic Safe Crib Mattress Pads – $4.99 to $10.00

If you’ve seen these products, you probably know that they’re amazing. They’re fluffy, non-toxic, and able to be washed with your laundry. And they really are safe to sleep on, unlike conventional mattress pads which could cause suffocation. This is also a good option if your baby is teething.

Toddler beds

Big enough to cover toddler beds, the crib sheet set by Rocksleep is incredibly absorbent, with a breathable cotton-poly blend.

I tried it out with my daughter’s mattress cover, and it made it feel like it had been swaddled in a very soft baby blanket. It’s not the cheapest option for a crib sheet set, but Rocksleep offers a lifetime replacement guarantee if you’re ever unsatisfied.

Bamboo crib mattress covers

The bamboo crib mattress covers from are made of 100 percent natural bamboo. They’re breathable, extremely breathable, and washable.

They can be machine washed in a mild washing machine and can be stretched up to 50 times. They come in several colors and patterns and come in a 100 percent BPA-free premium foam. These ones also feature Tencel, a memory foam that is much softer than the standard foam of most crib mattresses.

Zoombak Clear Plush Crib Mattress

Considered by Safe to Sleep Magazine as one of the “top safety picks” in the infant safe bedding category, the Zoombak clear plush crib mattress is a surprisingly durable option, even on the softest mattress settings. This secure, heavy-duty crib mattress combines with your baby’s wooden crib rail system to keep the top portion of the mattress secure against both the bed and crib wall.

The ones we included here come in a range of shapes and sizes and are excellent for a variety of safety uses. For example, the Kate’s Korner baby bumper can be used to secure a baby in a crib as they’re learning to roll over. They come in four sizes ranging from 6 pounds to 15 pounds, so they’re sturdy, soft, and will keep babies securely attached to the mattress.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, L

The mattress should be positioned in the crib on all four sides.

Using a memory foam mattress is fine.

The mattress should be thick enough to provide support, but not so thick as to become hard.

Lightly dust the mattress with a baby-safe powder if you want to speed up the process.

Once it is placed, the mattress should never touch any hard surfaces, as this could pose a suffocation risk.


Mattress manufacturer made to be slept on. This is true until the toddler has some experience with a regular mattress. You’ll need to buy a separate bassinet-sized mattress for your toddler.


Jude Damewood, co-owner of Zen Gypsy in North Charleston, S.C., says that there is a very small risk of toddler suffocation from crib mattresses, especially if your child rolls into a tight space.


Seals with water-resistant properties to help absorb excess heat and moisture from a child.

Built-in lumbar support to promote healthy sleeping positions.

Helps in turning a crib into a sleep environment for a child.

Protects against coughs and colds.

OmniCool Crib Mattress Cover

Helps promote a healthy sleeping position.

mattress covers and mattress pad options to choose from.

Collapsible car seats

Baby and any extra passengers are in a safe position. These extra attachments can be as small as a small airbag or you can buy larger versions like a backpack.

This two-in-one mattress set includes a firm mattress with a soft pillow-top that also contours to the baby’s growing body. Goodnight’s soft and medium gel pad make the mattresses super cozy for babies and toddlers.


And yes, now no need to worry just Goodnight Skye Sleeptracker Plus Smart Baby Sleep Tracker.

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