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Best U.S. Destinations for a Cannabis Vacation

At the tail end of the COVID pandemic, travel to other countries isn’t out of the question, but it is much, much more difficult than it once was. Thus, in the hopes of staying safe and avoiding unnecessary virus spread, many  American travelers are looking around their own country for opportunities to see new sights and try new trends — and the cannabis vacation is taking the cake. More and more American states are allowing adults over 21 to partake of recreational reefer, and a handful of these states make excellent vacation destinations. If you are interested in sampling sativas or indulging in indicas during an upcoming trip, you might check out the following American cities: 

First, Our Criteria 

Any list of “bests” should start with a list of criteria for how those “bests” are chosen. After all, everyone has preferences, especially when it comes to travel and definitely when it comes to weed. If you want to make sure your values in top-tier destinations align with ours, here is how we determined whether a cannabis trip is worthwhile: 


You can find illegal weed pretty much anywhere, but only a select few states have legalized recreational cannabis use for adults over 21. The following cities have some of the loosest cannabis regulations, which make it easiest for travelers to find cannabis products and use them comfortably, without much risk of violating existing laws. 


A few states technically have legalized cannabis consumption, but in practicality, weed still isn’t available to all who want it. The following destinations have plenty of grow ops, dispensaries and 420-friendly accommodations to support a bustling tourist trade — and then some. 


Even cannabis beginners can usually tell the difference between low-quality bud and premium kush. The following destinations have reputations for producing some world-quality weed, which means you can find something intriguing to smoke (or eat or vape) regardless of whether it is your first high ever or your first high for the day. 


Finally, a vacation should be more than sitting in your hotel room smoking a joint. The following destinations all have plenty of other things to do besides getting super-duper high — but you might enjoy the activities while you are super-duper high if you are so inclined. 

San Francisco 

San Francisco has long been an epicenter of cannabis culture, and today it is one of the most weed-friendly cities in the world. You should try to book accommodations close to the historic Haight-Ashbury district, which has long cultivated a reputation for counterculture and cannabis acceptance. 


Recreational Colorado dispensaries were the first to open in the U.S., and even today they offer the best range of cannabis products in the country. Denver is a gorgeous city with some of the best weather, so exploring the downtown and arts districts is well worth your time. 


One of the newest cities to gain recreational pot, Phoenix already has one of the largest cannabis markets in the nation. You can visit in the spring and summer to take advantage of primo pool weather, or you can plan a trip in fall or winter to comfortably hike the city’s hundreds of trails. 


If outdoor adventure is your travel style, 

you will be pleased to learn that Alaska 

has some of the most well-established 

cannabis laws. Technically, you aren’t 

allowed to consume weed in public 

spaces or on federal land, but if you get 

deep into the Alaskan wilderness, you 

should be able to toke in peace.


Detroit is no longer a washed-up industrial town; it is rapidly becoming the Midwest’s center for everything art and culture. When you are of sound mind, you might engage in some urban exploring, but stoned tourism should be restricted to the various museums and street art installations around the city. 

Las Vegas 

If you haven’t yet experienced the sensation of being stoned, you might not realize that the lights and sounds of Sin City create an outstanding background for being high. Though most casinos and concert venues don’t allow you to use weed indoors, you can find dispensaries just off the strip to safely partake. 

A cannabis vacation is a can’t-miss experience for anyone addicted to travel. The above cities make it easy to enjoy the good herb in a legal, safe and fun environment, so you can check off your first post-COVID trip as a success.

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