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Golden Gate Review 2021:Why is this a good choice for your trading business?

Trading is the oldest profession in the world. Throughout human history, trade has evolved and so have the methods used for trading. The 21st century gave mankind access to a steady internet connection and as a result, many companies and brokering firms have launched online trading platforms.

This new method of trading has revolutionized the financial system since now anyone with a stable internet connection can access these platforms and start their online trading businesses. This has resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs and has increased the world’s economy exponentially. There are a lot of platforms that offer good trading tools and also have considerable access to assets. However, not all online trading platforms are the same. Most online brokering firms lack essential components that are required for the functioning of an active trading account. Such platforms have all the latest tools and also have access to tradable assets but in some cases, they compromise on a few necessities to increase their profit margins. This puts their customers at risk and even the slightest chance of failure in the trade business is unacceptable.

I experienced many failures as a result of not knowing which platform to trust since not all online trading firms were trustworthy. After going back and forth from one platform to another, I eventually found Golden Gate. I had been switching platforms continuously because no single platform has all the tools a trader requires to make a decent profit every week. While even Golden Gate was lacking some features, it did overall provide a better experience than the other platforms I had used throughout my career. Most of the platforms I used to utilize for my trade business no longer exist since they were not able to keep up with the evolution of technology. This is what I liked best about Golden Gate. It was always able to keep up with the competition and in some cases outclass it completely.

I remember wishing for some sort of guidance when I first started as a beginner but back then there were very few reviews for trading platforms and most of them were not detailed for beginners. They were more like introduction guides for professionals who were seasoned traders. These reviews were more or less focused on how professionals could expand their business rather than a detailed description of how to choose a trading platform. To make sure that the next generation of traders does not suffer the same consequences as I did, I am writing this review as a guide for those who have absolutely no experience in trading let alone online trading. This review will serve as a reason why Golden Gate is the perfect starting platform for beginners and why it is best for experts as well when you eventually climb the trading ladder and become a professional brokering businessman.

There are multiple aspects of a trading platform that make it viable and trustworthy. They are

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Assets
  • Customer care
  • Transaction support

Many other factors also play a critical role when trading online but these are the primary factors that will help you decide why Golden Gate is the right choice for your trading business.


Trading is essentially the exchange of assets and assets are valuable products that are prone to theft. Internet-based crimes have seen an uptick in recent years as a result of many traders choosing cheap online trading platforms that compromise on security and do not spend resources in updating their technology to stay a step ahead of internet criminals.

When I was a newcomer in the trading world, I had to switch platforms because most of them did not keep their servers up to date with the evolving technology and I knew that if my data was left unprotected then it could incur a significant loss for me as a trader. I eventually stopped switching platforms when I found Golden Gate. If you are an absolute beginner then you wouldn’t know that Golden Gate has been credited with having one of the most secure systems in the trading world. it has high-level encryption algorithms that ensure user data is safe from any potential hacks. Their high-speed servers can stop hackers from accessing sensitive traders and personal data stored on secure servers around the world. This way users can rest assured that their data will not be corrupted or stolen and they can trade easily without having to worry about the security of their precious assets.

The reason I still stay with Golden Gate is that it is the safest option when compared with other similar platforms. It has managed to keep up with the evolving technology and is most likely to stay this way.


Trading is a 24-hour profession. As a trader, you need complete access to the trading platform’s asset network to make bids when the market is open regardless of the region you are currently residing in. Most trading platforms do not develop their systems to accommodate traders who travel a lot and as a result, a majority of these traders suffer from missed opportunities when they are in a different region where their platform does not provide support.

Some traders do find a way around these consequences by using VPNs but the lag that occurs due to the use of VPNs puts the traders at a severe disadvantage against competitors. This is why I suggest that you choose Golden Gate since it has multiple servers around the world and can support its customers when they travel to a different region. While not all regions are covered under this support program, Golden Gate has made efforts to ensure that users are not disenfranchised when they travel and have the same level of access to their accounts as other customers.


Trade involves the exchange of assets between different brokers and they are the primary tool for any trading firm. Without considerable assets a platform is useless. Golden Gate has a track record of supporting a variety of assets numbering up to 200 in total. These assets include all types of tradable data points including Forex, indices, commodities, company stocks and most importantly cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is a rising tradable asset. It has become a mainstream product in a few years and has grown exponentially. Cryptocurrencies have become the backbone of multiple industries and it is unlikely to go away from the financial market soon which is why having support for trading in cryptocurrencies is one of the best tools a trading platform can have and one that Golden Gate takes pride in.

While Golden Gate only supports the blockchain of a few cryptocurrencies, it is expected to add support for more as crypto takes off in the international marketplace.

Customer Care

An important part of every platform is a strong customer support team. Without it, users especially beginners have a hard time trading using new tools. Golden Gate customer support team is active 24 hours a day and 5 days a week.  Whenever the markets are open, their customer support team is ready to address any issue users might face when trading on their platform and when using their tools to make transactions.

I have had technical difficulties which are common in all trading platforms when the markets were open and my issues were resolved within a short range of time allowing me to continue with my trading without any significant setbacks.

Transaction Support

When you start trading you need a way to deposit funds into your account and in most cases, a MasterCard would suffice. However, when trading on an international level, you need a wide range of transaction methods that guarantee the security of a safe and encrypted funds transfer. The same goes for a situation where you have to withdraw funds from your trading account and transfer them to your bank account. For this purpose, Golden Gate offers a couple of options for customers. They are

  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • Bank Wire

Golden Gate has limited options when it comes to transaction support and beginners may find it tough to utilize this feature. However, as the platform grows, it is expected to add support for more transaction methods to streamline the flow of funds into and out of customer accounts. Especially since the platform currently does not feature a single e-commerce method of payment like PayPal etc.

Ending Argument

Every trading platform has its benefits and drawbacks but Golden Gate is one whose drawbacks are limited and are more of an inconvenience rather than a setback which is why I would suggest that as a beginner you should choose Golden Gate. Even when you become a seasoned trader, you can simply upgrade your account and keep on trading from the same platform. This way you are familiar with the tools and you do not have to learn how to use a new platform once you become a professional.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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