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InfinityCapitalG Review 2021- Can it be your go-to trading platform?

I am writing this review as a satisfied customer of InfinityCapitalG. For a while now I have been using an active account on this trading platform to conduct trade as my second income and I must say I am very impressed by the profits I have made over my time using its tools. The trading system has been evolving since the beginning of human history. For the 21st century, the primary trading system is based on online systems that rely on individual accounts for conducting trade. There are millions of people around the world who utilize online platforms to make a living and I am one of these people.

When online trading platforms were first introduced to the general population I was not impressed by this new tool. The reason for this was that there was no infrastructure supporting these platforms and many of them were experiencing issues since this was a whole new system and it needed time to develop its tools and features without exploiting customers. After nearly 2 decades, the online trading system has finally transcended to a position where it can be used as a viable replacement for the traditional trading techniques. I only shifted to an online platform by the name of InfinityCapitalG because it had the features that I believe are of the utmost importance when it comes to trading online since this new system relies on the internet as its infrastructure.

Not all online trading platforms are equal, many do not resemble even the most basic features. However, I was able to choose my platform as InfinityCapitalG because of the following factors;

  • Security – 85/100
  • Assets – 82/100
  • Educational resources – 78/100
  • Account types – 83/100


When it comes to online trading systems, it does not get any more secure. In online trading, account holders can keep their data under lock and key with the lock being the platform itself and the key being the user. As someone who values security, I have a personal policy to stay away from any platform that is willing to compromise on the safety of user data.

I chose InfinityCapitalG as my go-to platform of choice because of the immense encryption protocols they have adopted to keep their servers secure. This way I have been able to rest assured knowing that my data is safe and cannot be accessed by any third parties. I have seen my fair share of competitors trying to steal other traders’ financial information in finance firms. However, when it comes to safety in the online system, I have yet to experience any significant data breach and it is all because of the strict security policies of InfintiyCapitalG which alerts me if my account is accessed without my knowledge. From my perspective, InfinityCapitalG has a rock-hard firewall that keeps them safe from any external users trying to get access.


The assets available for trade on InfintyCapitalG are forex, indices, commodities, company stocks, currencies and most importantly cryptocurrencies. I have traded with all of these assets because I am an adventurer, and it was good to gain experience with each asset. My only criticism would be the limitation put on how many assets can be traded at a single time. While I understand the reasons behind are for security purposes, I believe that it is best to allow traders to use every tool accessible to them in the open market.

Educational resources

When I first started using online platforms, I had trouble figuring out the details of how to operate the accounts on these platforms. This is why I kept switching between accounts because I was not able to operate an online account since many platforms were not designed for beginners or people who are less tech-savvy. In some cases, I was not even able to sign up because the process was a lot tougher for platforms that supported only professional traders.

 I kept roaming around until I found InfinityCapitalG where all my worries ended because it contained a separate section for educational tools that help me understand every component of the site.

The sign-up

The sign up was relatively easy mostly because the site had multiple descriptions telling their customers how to do what. I was able to sign up without any hitch. I entered my data and information without any worry for their security because I did some research and found that InfinityCapitalG had a reputation for keeping their clients’ data in a secure digital vault.


After completing the sign-up process, I was able to start trading only because of the many kinds of e-books that were available on their site. InfinityCapitalG is home to e-books related to trading with all sorts of different assets. I didn’t even know how to utilize the crypto tools to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It was due to those books that I was able to catch on to other traders and make competitive bids. At last, I was able to do the one thing that was holding me back and that was trade with cryptocurrencies.

Suffice to say, these e-books are very helpful especially for a beginner. While their current catalogue does have a lot of e-books, I believe they should add more books.


This section allows new users to see how new traders before them were able to navigate the different tools at the disposal of account holders. FAQs are frequently asked questions, and it is helpful for beginners to know what beginners before them went through so that they can learn from it. The FAQ section helped me gain the knowledge required for using the tools on this platform more quickly and be more efficient in my trading bids.

The FAQs contain information that the designer of the website did not include in the initial site description. There is no doubt that these FAQs have helped me reduce my normal learning time it would take since usually, users would need to contact support to get the issue resolved but if the FAQs already have a similar issue described then my issue as a user can be resolved quicker. This is because while the customer support team of InfintyCapitalG is capable of handling problems relating to their service, it might take some time to get a response. So as a daily user, I go through the FAQs first before I go to the support team. As a result, I can get up and running in a lot less time than it would normally take.

Account types

I have been a customer on InfinityCapitalG for a while now and here are all the accounts that I have used throughout my career that are available on this platform.

  • Self-managed

I still remember signing up for this account type when I first entered the online trading business. While it had minimum options, it was for the best. It helped me hone my skills and use the tools at my disposal. This entry-level package cost around 250 pounds.

  • Basic

This bundle is a step up from self-managed in terms of small add-ons. Otherwise, it is merely another step in the ladder of trade experience. I utilized this account type to master my skills before moving on to the professional level accounts. It costs around 5000 pounds to attain.

  • Gold

The personal package was a good step up for my trading experience. I finally was able to utilize the extra spreads this account offered as compared to the beginner accounts. This account felt like it was designed for a professional trader. The minimum account balance for this bundle is 10,000 pounds.

  • Platinum

Costing around 25,000 pounds, this particular account types allowed me to test the limits when it comes to forex and commodities. I was able to increase my profit margin with a small investment and it was all because of InfinityCapitalG.

  • Diamond

I only reached this account level after getting the combined trading experience of 2 years. I would describe this type as the best of the best. It had everything I needed to expand my business and reach places I never thought possible. For me, the motivation to switch to this account type was because of the Bitcoin addition to the trade room section. Crypto is very important to me and it was inevitable for me to eventually end up here. It costs around 50,000 pounds but it is worth it because of the included extra features.

  • VIP

This is an invitation-only account type. I only recently got in after spending a long time waiting for approval. While the delay was caused because the account manager was always busy, I am satisfied with the tool I have been given access to. The VIP account provides tools that even professionals do not use but they do come in handy when you reach the top.

Closing point

The trading platform that I chose was based on my assessment of how the online system is supposed to serve the traders and so far, I have had an amazing experience. InfinityCapitalG has treated me well ever since I was a beginner and I hope you reap these benefits as well. The era of online trading is only beginning. It is best if you join the ride while the door is still open.


This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

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