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Best-in-class and applied to HVAC systems Design and analysis tools are critical elements for creating optimal environmental conditions in buildings. Given the level of control and performance requirements of today’s sophisticated HVAC systems, seemingly small gains in efficiency translate into significant reductions in resource requirements. The accuracy of the analysis and specification translates into significant savings and optimum performance for building owners.

Whether you are performing an on-line energy audit or comprehensive load analysis, profile analysis of system performance, determining the optimal HVAC (HVAC) components or configurations for a specific installation, we have a software package that will provide you with a solution to meet today’s design needs.

Customer feedback and satisfaction are of the utmost importance

Capture customer feedback ratings and notes on every service, installation, repair and maintenance job Field workers do.

We photograph the performed services and send it back to the Back Office for audit. Track customer satisfaction, report on the work of the field worker.

Send services “Thank you” to your customers and stand out from others in the market.

Simcenter FLOEFD

It allows you to simulate hvac software equipment and system performance from concept design to final validation to capital expenditures or prototyping. HVAC CFD analysis software can help you get the information you need or guide the designer to the right side when making a decision.

How with a CAD-embedded CFD solution for HVAC systems:

  • Leverage a state-of-the-art simulation workflow right within the CAD environment.
  • Leverage the insights gained from HVAC CFD analysis software.
  • Optimize the HVAC system and its components (valves, dampers, heat exchangers, etc.) for high performance and energy savings.

When choosing a program for automating your enterprise, consider the following aspect: the program should be simple and intuitive for the user. The days when programs were written for programmers and frightened everyone else with their complexity are long gone. Today, a user-friendly interface is one of the most important criteria for choosing a software product. The sooner the user masters the program, the faster the money invested in it will pay off. The availability of a training course on working with the system being implemented is also an important detail, since it greatly simplifies the process of getting the user familiar with the program.

The human factor plays a very important role in the success of the automation carried out. This also needs to be considered when implementing software in your enterprise. Once our partners, complaining about the complex process of automating the heating network, called one of the reasons for the failure to sabotage the implementation project by the employees of the enterprise themselves. Most of them treated this process as a “regular quirk” of management, which only complicates everything for them, ordinary workers. Hence the delay in the approval of work, the unwillingness to master the new system.

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