Guide To Implement Lead Nurturing Strategies in Real Estate

Guide To Implement Lead Nurturing Strategies In Real Estate

With many firms adopting a Real Estate CRM Software, the lead nurturing process has become a lot more efficient. Today, buyers are smart and tech-savvy, so organisations need to up their game before trying to convert the captured lead into a customer. A study by Marketo reveals that around 96% of people who visit your website are not willing to give you business. So, an effective lead nurturing strategy needs to be in place for improved customer retention, feedback and revenue generation.

Sales lead nurturing is required the most when the lead is at the bottom of the sales funnel (when they’re ready to buy). If you’re not prompt in answering even the smallest of a client’s queries, they just might lose interest and move on. This is when a structured lead nurturing strategy comes into play. It not only prevents you from losing the captured leads but also allows you to make sure those leads stay in business with you for a long time.

Understanding the Concept of Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is building up associations with purchasers at each phase of the sales funnel. A constructive lead nurturing CRM focuses on advertising and smooth communication. It also involves catering to the requirements of prospective buyers in order to build a rapport and gain their trust throughout the process of making a purchase. The use of Real Estate CRM has played a major role in lead management and nurturing. It has been able to provide a cross-channel experience to customers that are looking to invest with an increased level of personalisation that the sales process demands.

By expanding brand awareness within the leads, keeping them informed about the latest and upcoming trends in the Real Estate industry and harnessing a trustworthy relationship with them, one can ensure that leads move from the top of the sales funnel to the bottom smoothly.

Strategies for Lead Nurturing in Real Estate

1. Assemble Lead Data 

All leads are different from one another in terms of preferences, and it might be a hassle to cater to all their contrasting needs. A Real Estate CRM helps you to identify these different types of leads by providing a database of their requirements and what they’re looking for. This database can be used to find out personalised information, which you can target and give the leads the right information through each phase of the buying process.

This feature of a lead nurturing CRM lets you segregate them in accordance with their nature. For example, the leads which are most likely to buy can be clubbed together, the ones who are in the decision-making phase can be separately dealt with. This way, you can also strategise on how to reach out to those leads who are not at all willing to give you business.

2. Personalised Communication With Leads

Personalized communication is the linchpin of real estate lead nurturing. It can include the use of direct mail strategy that stands out as a personal and tangible approach to engage leads on a more individual level. Crafted messages delivered directly to their mailbox can make a substantial difference in your performance in a crowded real estate market. 

This approach showcases your commitment to addressing their specific concerns and guarantees that your services are top-of-mind when they’re prepared to take the next step in their property journey.

3. Using Cross-Channel Platforms to Target Leads

No doubt that emails are effective and get the job done. But if you’re trying to step up the generation of leads, making use of omnichannel communication is highly effective. Gauge the power of social media, sponsored posts, advertisements to your benefit and target customers with the help of a Real Estate CRM software that allows social media integration hence acquiring, engaging, nurturing and closing more leads.

Nowadays, as people are more technology-oriented and tend to spend a long time on social media, the chances are that your paid content gets seen more often and leaves potential customers with quite a lot to ponder over and finally seek a sales rep.

4. Lead Scoring Tactics 

Lead Scoring is when you grade potential customers according to their likelihood of conversion or buying. A proper CRM management software will enable you to divide the time you need to give to different ranks of leads. For example, a prospect who visits your website quite often and spends a long time may be ready to talk to a salesperson. The more time they spend on the website browsing through your content, the more are the odds that they become interested in a call from the sales team.

5. Extensive Sales and Marketing Strategies

lead nurturing strategy is most successful when the Sales and Marketing team work hand in hand. It is crucial for these teams to have a shared understanding of the behavioural aspects of leads so they can come up with a strategy to target that. The common goals, duties, and objectives for this collaborative and coordinated effort are to be laid out as part of a lead management plan. This will help the two groups share the responsibility of lead nurturing and conversion. It is a win-win situation as the leads get efficient service hence increasing the customer retention rates.

Why Opt for Lead Nurturing Through Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is an important part of any lead nurturing plan comprising of several online tools that can generate and convert leads faster. It also provides a conclusive understanding, thereby allowing you to do a detailed analysis of your lead nurturing program. This way, you have a clear perception of what’s working best and what are the inadequacies of the lead nurturing process if any.

The Bottom Line

With these few strategies in mind, you are bound to amp up the sales lead nurturing. Along with this, by using Sell.Do’s marketing automation feature, which automates the lead nurturing process; you can surely reel in more good leads and let your business thrive in a competitive environment.

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