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Guide to Metal Homes: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that there were 1.29 million homes built in the year 2019 in the United States? One of the types of homes that has gained steady popularity in recent years is metal homes.

When you choose to start building a home, the options and the prices can be daunting. From choosing building materials to determining how long it will take to build, there is a lot of consideration that needs to be taken.

Luckily, residential homes that are made from metal and steel come pre-fabricated for quick and easy assembly. They are also a very cost-effective option when it comes to choosing your home.

Continue reading to learn more about metal homes and the pros and cons of choosing one for your new home.

What Are Metal Homes?

When most people think of steel buildings they probably think of skyscrapers and office buildings. But did you know that residential homes can also be made out of metal?

Metal has become the go-to choice for building new garages, workshops, barns, and homes. It is one of the most versatile building materials to work with and there are plenty of designs that will make your home stand out.

A lot of people are choosing metal for their homes because of the benefits that a metal home provides. In addition to the versatility that metal homes offer, they are cost-efficient and durable.

Pros of Metal Homes

Metal homes have a lot going for them. One of the biggest benefits that a metal home provides is its strength and durability.


Metal is one of the toughest building materials out there and a house that is supported by residential steel beams isn’t going anywhere.

Metal does a great job of standing up to the elements when compared to wood as a building material. It does a great job at staying strong during wind and rain. It is also great during natural disasters like sandstorms and tornados.

They are also more cost-effective as a home option than a wood home is. If something goes wrong with a wooden home’s frame it is costly and time-consuming to fix. That isn’t the case with metal homes. Metal homes offer cheap costs when it comes to maintenance.


It is also nice to have a metal home due to the versatility that they offer. Since they are made of metal they are great for allowing for both workspaces as well as residential space. They help you to optimize the space that you have.

Metal homes also tend to have fewer walls on the inside of the home which allows for a much more open living space. It means that you’ll have much more room to relax and enjoy time spent at your home.

It also makes redecorating your home a breeze when you decide that your home’s interior appearance needs to change.

Quick and Easy to Build

Compared to ordinary houses, metal homes take a short time to build. With a wood-framed home, you can expect the construction process to take multiple months to complete.

Metal homes take only two or three weeks to complete and have them ready for you to move in. This is because the frames for metal homes are made ahead of time so all that needs to happen is they need to be assembled.

Environmentally Friendly

Most of the companies that make metal homes do so with materials that are environmentally friendly. This is really important if you’re wanting to build a home that is green and that won’t negatively impact the Earth.

The materials that the homes are made from are recyclable, and the insulation comes from eco-friendly building materials so you can have peace of mind that your home was good for the environment.

Fire Resistant

A big part of what makes your monthly insurance costs for your home so high is the risk of a fire. With a metal home, you erase that risk due to the fire resistance of the metal your home is made out of.

This means that not only is your home safer when it comes to fires, but it is also much cheaper when it comes down to your insurance coverage.

Cons of Metal Homes

Despite all of the great things that metal homes bring to the table, there are some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. This will help you decide if a metal home is right for you.

Difficult Approval Process

Before deciding on a metal home, be sure to check the rules and regulations of your area. Some areas are difficult to get a metal home approved by the local Homeowners’ Association compared to more traditional homes.


If you live in a tropical climate and you decide to invest in a metal home you’re running the risk of dealing with the effects of corrosion on your home. The moisture in the air can lead to rust growing on the outside of your home.

The bright side is that there are treatments that you can pay for that will prevent corrosion from occurring.

Difficult to Expand

If your family continues growing and you reach a point where you need more room for everyone, a metal home is an obstacle. They are much more difficult to expand compared to wood-framed homes.

Pick Out Your Perfect Home

There isn’t much that is more exciting than picking out a new home for you and your family. When it comes to choosing a new home, metal homes are a wonderful option. They are quick and easy to build and extremely durable.

They are also versatile and very eco-friendly. You should also be sure that they’re a good fit for the climate where you live because they are prone to experience corrosion. You also need to consider the fact that they’re difficult to expand if you plan on growing a family.

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