Canopy Tent for Your Business

Guide to The Best Custom Canopy Tent for Your Business

You might’ve heard about custom canopy tent many times. But there might be one question that you think about. “What do I need to do to create a custom canopy?”. The tent functions to highlight your business so it can outshine the others during a public event. If you don’ have any clout about it, you can ask the professionals. Signleader Display is one of the credible companies that may help you with this task.

The canopy tent rental gives many options that you can adopt the one that suits your needs. Whether it’s a custom canopy or popup tent, the company will follow what you wish. One can also create it by themselves. But to do it, there’s the need for an advanced understanding of the other aspects surrounding the custom canopy, including materials, tests, and performance.

But before entering that area of expertise, there’s something you need to do to create the best-looking 10×10 custom tent. We want to cover the basic things about custom tents: the types and printing & customization.


The purpose of having a custom 10×10 tent is to give a strong impression of your brand. For this goal, many businesses use customized tents that can be fully arranged according to personal needs and tastes. The wonder of customized tents lies in the flexible customization.

The size also comes in various types according to the kind of tents you want to create. Custom popup tents usually have a length from the general 10×10 to the maximum 10×20. There are also dome tents that are more flexible than a custom tent to transport anywhere. This tent is also easier to set up and usually offers much more impressive than the basic tent.

Most businesses usually utilize the popup ones since they have much better durability, material, and flexibility. All the sizes are fit for any occasion, whether for business or private.

So, pick the size and type that fills your needs. If you prefer durability and quality, choose popup tents. If your wish is to have a tent that’s easy to transport, pick the inflatable ones. And the last thing, star-shaped tents, are suitable for a harsher environment when stability is a must.


Anyone wants to be creative with their tent. One way to show it is via the application of the design. This is the canvas of tent artists. Keep in mind, the applied colors and design may have different pricing. Be sure to always check the price list before accepting anything.

Some tent providers also consider the pricing based on the level of design, colors, and artwork placement. So to create a beautiful 10×10 canopy tent, you must prepare for the price.

There’s a solution for this trouble, especially when your pocket is tight. Look for a supplier who respects transparency, and even better, along with better printing flexibility. Adjust the service with the amount of budget you have. Add only the essentials to make your best 10×10 event tent, and don’t overdo unless you have an additional appropriation. It’s better to keep things simple and only add graphics at some parts, not all.

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