Hair Care: Why is My Hair Frizzy, The Shocking Truth, and How One Product Will Help You Get Silky Hair Fast?

Frizz. It’s the never-ending worry for dry hair. You want that new hairstyle to look perfect, but a little moisture can cause awful-looking frizz, ruining it. You might even ask “why is my hair frizzy?” In this article, we’ll look at a few reasons why hair becomes frizzy, and how one excellent product will help you fight off frizz.

How Hair Becomes Frizzy

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Alot about hair is revealed when examined under a microscope. Healthy hair strands look similar to fish scales, with all of the microscopic ‘shingles’ laying flat on top of one another. This shape seals in moisture and protects the hair from outside elements.

Dry and damaged hair strands, however, look similar to a pinecone, with the shingles on the strand sticking out. It’s this dry shape that causes internal moisture to leave the hair, and moisture from the air to enter. This warps the hair strands, causing frizz.

The Shocking Truth behind What Causes Hair to Frizz

The Biggest Contributor: Over-shampooing

That’s right. Shampooing your hair strips the scalp of natural moisture, called sebum. When it’s stripped excessively, there’s no chance for moisture to reach the ends of your hair. The ends then become dry and prone to frizziness.

Over-Styling with Heat and Strong Hair Products

Heat tools break down your hair on a microscopic level, striping the strands of their moisture. It’s due to this ability to break down hair that allows heat tools to work, but it can also become harmful to hair health as the damage can build up, causing frayed, dry ends.

It is also a good idea to be conscious of what ingredients are in your products. Ingredients like Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) and Isopropyl Alcohol both cause dryness over a long period of time.


Dry hair means most of the natural moisturizer has left the hair strand. That means the hair will look for moisture elsewhere, like in the air. This external moisture warps the hair strand, giving that frizzy look.

Shower Caps, the Perfect Product for Silky Hair


Add a shower cap to your hair care routine and see the results it brings to your hair’s health. A shower cap keeps your hair dry on no-shampoo days, it keeps out humidity and allows you to liberally use hair masks without worry.


How to Keep Frizz Away With a Shower Cap

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Don’t Over-Shampoo

To give your hair a break, consider shampooing two to three times a week. This allows your hair’s natural moisturizer to reach the ends of your hair. On shampoo-free days, you can use a shower cap to keep your hair dry while you rinse off.

When shampooing, a good practice is to only shampoo the scalp. This allows for the scalp to be cleansed, leaving the natural moisture in the ends of your hair.

Go for Less Heat Styling and Gentler Products

To preserve your blowouts and curls longer, consider wearing a shower cap to protect your hair. Water from the shower and humidity won’t have a chance to ruin your hairstyle.

Also consider using gentler shampoos, conditioners, and hair care products. You’ll want to find ones with moisturizing ingredients like coconut oil and argan oil. That way your hair stays moisturized easier and leads to silky, happy hair over time.

Add Hair Masks to Your Weekly Hair Care Regimen

Applying a hair mask or leave-in conditioner once or twice a week. This is a great way to replenish lost moisture and encourages silky and smooth hair over time.

You’ll want to look for leave-in or overnight conditioners formulated with moisturizing ingredients. Or, use an overnight hair mask like coconut oil. When applied to hair, coconut oil is easily absorbed and strengthens hair, leaving it silky and smooth. If you want to wear the mask overnight, simply put on a shower cap for bed.

Protect your hair from Humidity with a Shower Cap

Whether you’re enjoying a steamy shower or if it rains, a shower cap can protect your hair from unwanted frizz by simply putting it on. The shower cap will keep out the humidity and preserve your hairstyle.

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There are a lot of factors that contribute to dry hair and frizziness, like over-shampooing, over-styling, and humidity. But there are also several ways to overcome it, like adding a shower cap to your hair care regimen, shampooing two to three times a week, and applying hair masks to your hair. You’ll be able to enjoy it with confidence knowing your hair is

frizz-free, silky, and smooth.

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