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Pavé Diamond Ring Setting: Things to Know Before Buying

While searching for information before buying a diamond ring, you are likely to come across the term “pavé.” In this article, we are going to tell you about “pavé”; what it means and what you should know before you consider purchasing a diamond ring that features a pavé setting.

Origins of the word “Pavé”

Pronounced pah-vay, the term is derived from a French word that directly translates to the act of paving. Another theory is that pavé refers to the setting of the stones or cobbled pebbles on a pavement.

What is a Pavé Engagement Ring?

Pavé refers to a type of setting of stones on a ring, where the design of the ring features several tiny diamonds that are set snugly together with minimal space between them. A pavé diamond engagement ring usually features multiple small diamonds that are held in place by precious metal in the form of beads or shared prongs. Pavé diamond shared prong engagement rings are massively popular with modern customers because they look stunning and create a continuous sparkle effect.

What is the size of the diamonds used in a Pavé setting?

The pavé setting is preferred when the diamonds used are in the 0.01 to 0.02-carat range. You may also come across delicate rings or thin bands that feature even smaller diamonds, but that is generally referred to as a micro-pavé setting.

What are the most popular types of Pavé settings?

There are a variety of pavé setting types available in the market. They include –

–          Micro pavé

–          French pavé

–          Petite pavé

–          Scallop or U-cut pavé

–          Pavé halo

How do jewelry manufacturers create a Pavé diamond ring?

Typically, the process of crafting a pavé diamond ring involves drilling tiny holes into a precious metal band. This is followed by a process wherein small diamonds are carefully placed into each hole. Shared prongs are created around every pavé diamond to ensure they are held in place securely.

Which diamond shape is best for the Pavé setting?

You will typically find pavé rings featuring diamonds that are symmetric in shape and size. The size of the diamonds, as mentioned earlier in this article, could be in the 0.01 – 0.02 carat range while the preferred shape is the round cut. Round cut diamonds are popular in this setting because their brilliance can be maximized irrespective of their size.

What are the advantages of opting for a Pavé setting?

The key reasons why the pavé setting is so popular among today’s jewelry shoppers, especially those looking for diamond engagement rings are –

–          Pavé-set diamond engagement rings offer you maximum bling for your buck

–          Pavé diamonds add multiple points of origin for the ring to sparkle

–          When the diamonds are clustered together, it creates the illusion of a single large diamond

–          The tiny diamonds on the shank emphasize the appearance of the bigger center stone

–          The online and physical marketplaces are flooded with pavé rings, giving you lots of options

Are there any drawbacks of the Pavé setting?

Like in the case of any ring setting or type, there are a few things that could be categorized as potential drawbacks.

–          The pavé setting features several small diamonds that are likely to fall out

–          Pavé diamond rings are not ideal for everyday wear or rough use

–          This setting is generally more expensive when compared to a plain solitaire setting

–          The ring-making process is labor-intensive and may incur higher making charges

–          Pavé diamond rings need frequent maintenance and cleaning to maintain their original form

Can Pavé-set diamond rings be resized easily?

Well, the honest and short answer to that question is – no. Pavé engagement rings are very difficult to resize and hence, you must get your ring size right before you decide to place your order. This will help avoid any post-sale complications or the need for modifications later on.

Should your work or lifestyle dictate the ring setting?

Yes and no. While we definitely think every woman must own a pavé-set diamond ring because of its sheer brilliance and aesthetic appeal, it is important to know what you are buying before you spend your hard-earned money on one. You may find pavé-set rings to be a problem if you live an adventurous lifestyle. For instance, athletes, travelers, campers, or individuals involved in occupations that involve working in difficult conditions or wearing gloves frequently can find that a pavé ring may not be the best or most practical option.

Pavé diamond rings are fragile and the tiny diamonds are prone to falling out if the ring is handled roughly. Nevertheless, a high-quality ring can reduce such risks. Make sure you consider all these things before buying a pavé ring.

Is it easy to clean and maintain a Pavé diamond ring?

For starters, all your precious jewelry can be kept in mint condition if you take the time and effort to clean them regularly and use the right materials to do so. The easiest way to clean any grime or dirt that accumulates over a period of time is by using a soft toothbrush and warm water. It is best to avoid using any harsh chemicals that could potentially damage your ring. To be safe, you should remove the ring while exercising, swimming, or cooking.

Where to buy high-quality pavé-set diamond rings from?

Perhaps the most important thing to bear in mind is that the quality of your ring is often determined by where you buy it. You will find lots of jewelers selling a variety of pavé diamond engagement rings or shared prong engagement rings – both online and offline. A.JAFFE has been around since the 19th century – we are among the only jewelers still active in New York City since 1892. Trusted as a jewelry brand that never compromises on quality and craftsmanship, our master craftsmen always manage to strike the right balance between the old-school charm of diamond rings and modern jewelry-making processes.

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