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Laborers work on a building construction site in Karachi, Pakistan February 25, 2016. Karachi property prices jumped 23 percent last year to a record high, outpacing other large cities and the national average of 10 percent, data from property website showed. Picture taken Febraury 25, 2016. REUTERS/Akhtar Soomro

Health care tips on how to avoid mishaps on construction sites

Construction is a challenging sector that brings new challenges for workers every day. Thousands of accidents occur in the construction industry every year. Knowing how difficult and dangerous this profession is, many responsibilities lie in employing these workers. These companies must ensure the safety of the workers and guarantee that all safety measures at a construction site are in place to reduce any mishaps. While there is always a chance to compensate for material loss, the loss of life can never be repaid.

From operators to owners, higher management to laborers, everyone should know about the preventive measures to prevent accidents. But, as responsible as a company can be, the workers and employees must follow all health regulations put in place by construction companies to reduce injury and loss of life.

Following are tips for workers to avoid mishaps on construction sites.

  1. Avoid dealing with materials containing Asbestos

Asbestos is a mineral used in various materials used on construction sites but highly toxic to humans. Employers should guide their employees at workplaces if they use any material containing Asbestos because it is also known to cause mesothelioma, an incurable malignant tumor. If you are dealing with any material that contains Asbestos, then you should take proper precautions.

Employers should do whatever is necessary to protect their employees from this deadly mineral. If you feel you’re exposed to Asbestos and need guidance, you should get help in taking legal action against the company for not warning you or taking proper precautionary measures.

  1. Never work without safety gear

Every construction site ensures safety measures for its workers, but it is also necessary for workers to understand the significance of safety equipment. While working at a construction site, you should use safety gear. There are different types of personal protective equipment available, so you should know how to use it properly.

Various types of equipment are included in safety gear, such as eye protection glasses, steel boots, harnesses, and much more. You may also have to wear hand gloves and face masks to protect your face according to the nature of the work.

  1. Maintain Equipment

Equipment maintenance is one of the critical parts of ensuring safety at construction sites. Most accidents occur due to malfunctioning equipment at construction sites. Employers should take sound measures to take proper care of equipment to prevent mishaps.

  1. Follow all safety protocols

Employers must provide a list of safety protocols to the employees to know what to do to protect themselves. It will help them to understand what they have to do if they experience an accident. Nobody can remain with laborers every time to protect them. They should know about the safety protocols, so they can not only defend themselves but also take care of others in their surroundings. Employers should regularly assess safety protocols and modify them if to improve safety at the workplace.

  1. Attend safety meetings

You should never miss safety meetings to know about the safety protocols in place. You will stay up to date about the latest safety protocols so that you can guide your peers as well. Consult your supervisors if you cannot attend meetings due to workload or additional responsibilities.

  1. Take breaks regularly

It is essential to take regular breaks while working at construction sites. If you are constantly working without taking a break, it can cause fatigue, which is also one of the biggest causes of accidents at construction sites. You may plan your vacations after discussing them with your supervisor. Taking breaks keeps you alert and helps you focus on the work properly. It reduces the risk of accidents, so you must take adequate breaks to catch a breath.

  1. Follow warning signs

The presence of warning signs at construction workplaces plays a crucial role in preventing accidents. Employers are liable to place warning signs at hazardous places on construction sites. The characters should be loud and clear, so workers can easily understand them to stay away from dangerous areas.

On the other hand, supervisors should visit the construction site regularly to identify the dangers and hazards. They are liable to immediately address such issues to eliminate any risk that can put employees’ lives in danger.

  1. Get safety training

Construction companies should make it mandatory for employees to get a safety training course. They should make it an integral part of the company’s policy to complete the course before starting the job. Safety training and ongoing refresher sessions help workers to prevent accidents.

  1. Training for fall prevention

Falls are one of the major causes of injuries that causes severe injuries and even deaths at construction sites. You should know how to use fall protection gear to prevent falls. Following fall protection protocols can reduce accidents at construction sites massively.

Final words

The life of employees working at construction sites is always at risk. Employers are liable to ensure the safety of employees. They should also ensure that materials that are dangerous for workers should not be at construction sites.

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