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Here’s Why You Should Train Your Dog

When you provide your dog behaviour training, you’re protecting your four-legged friend from harm. You’re also strengthening the relationship that the two of you have. And you’re giving your canine a wealth of other physical and psychological benefits.

Let’s examine the major advantages that a qualified dog trainer can offer.

1. Protecting Your Dog

Dogs are naturally energetic and playful, and sometimes they can become mischievous or downright aggressive. Of course, those traits can easily translate into risky behaviors.

For instance, maybe your dog often runs ahead of you when you’re both out walking. At some point, it could dart into a busy street or get lost after going too far ahead.

In addition, your dog might flee when something scares it. Untrained dogs occasionally run away from home during thunderstorms, for example.

However, after receiving proper training, your canine will stick by your side and run to you the instant you call.

2. Keeping Yourself and Others Safe

When you sign up your dog for training, you’re protecting yourself, other people, and other dogs in the process.

Does your dog always leap on people, even if it’s just being friendly? Your pet could knock someone over some time, perhaps injuring that person.

Likewise, if your dog bites at any food in sight, it could accidentally bite someone’s hand. And, if your dog often gets hostile around other dogs, vicious fights can take place.

The right training will eliminate all of these dangers. Your dog will be in control of itself at all times, less jumpy and more sedate. Not to mention, you’ll avoid legal liabilities and maybe even lawsuits.

3. Helping Your Dog Enjoy Itself

A trained dog has the right temperament and outlook for making the most out of life.

For one thing, training helps dogs feel comfortable around other dogs. Therefore, when your dog encounters fellow canines at, say, a dog park, it will be able to run, play, sniff, and have fun with those animals. And your dog will look forward to future playtimes.

By contrast, if your dog hasn’t been trained, it may feel afraid around others of its kind. Consequently, it might just hide and cower whenever other dogs are present.

In addition, you can spend more time with your dog after it gets trained. You can take it to dog-friendly hotels, on hikes and other day trips, and to many other places and events. All of these outings should stimulate your dog and bring it joy, leading to a higher quality of life overall.

In a similar way, when you have houseguests over or throw parties and cookouts, you won’t have to keep your unsocialized dog locked in a room. Instead, it can meet and greet everyone who comes over. And your dog will surely bask in all of that attention and warmth.

4. Building a Closer Relationship With Your Pet

Another effect of training is that it’ll help you and your dog relate to each other better. You’ll appreciate one another more.

Without training, many dogs simply don’t understand what their owners are telling them to do. That confusion can lead to anxiety. Then, making matters worse, dogs can’t comprehend why they’re being punished. That causes additional stress and maybe even depression.

After training, however, your dog will reply appropriately to your commands and requests. Instead of experiencing confusion and stress, your pet will delight in its correct responses and the rewards you give.

In fact, studies have indicated that dogs prefer the treats that they’ve earned. Knowing that a reward is deserved, that it’s the result of a job well done, makes it more enjoyable.

In short, upon being trained, your dog will have a new respect for you. Your dog will want to spend more time with you. And, with all of that extra time together, you’ll get to know each other better. Accordingly, the trust between the two of you will deepen.

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As soon as this dog training Scottsdale AZ is complete, you and your beloved pooch can go on many adventures together. And you’ll savor many moments of love and affection.

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