Mexican Food

4 Things To Know About Mexican Food

Isn’t it mouthwatering even to hear the word ‘Mexican Food’? The flavoursome tacos and burritos and the heavenly Gran Luchito come to every food lover’s mind while hearing these words, which instantly reminds them of the authentic Mexican food they had last time. Mexican dishes are a feast to the eyes too. A pinch of mint green there with a touch of reddish-brown. A sprinkle of onion pink with a trace of mustard yellow there. Like a painting beautifully done to capture the hearts of every art lover! As the most simple looking picture takes a great effort to create, Mexican cuisines encompass complication and sophistication in their making. In other words, they are not as simple to prepare as they appear to be. 

Read the article to know the unknown facts about Mexican food culture, from chocolate to Tacos. 

 An Exquisite Journey With Gran Luchito

Mexican recipes owe very much to Gran Luchito as they are fresh and flavourful. Their authentic and delightful tastes bring Mexican sunshine to our taste buds. Even while preparing homely food in Australia, authentic and new flavours come your way. Their mouthwatering salsas assure that the flavour and aroma of the meal match the original Mexican dish. The brand gives no compromise to unhealthy ingredients, and there is zero sugar and dairy content. It is also vegan and vegetarian. The love and magic inside every jar of salsa are not mixed with any preservatives or additives. The natural ingredients have absolute autonomy in healthy cooking and appetite. This Mexican magic is available in chipotle salsa, chipotle chilli paste, tomatillo salsa, rancheros cooking sauce, fire-roasted red pepper salsa, fire-roasted serranos, etc. Burrito wraps, hard shell tacos, cantina beans, chipotle refried beans and soft shell street tacos are some attractions that make Mexican cooking simple in Australia. 

 Yummy Mexican Chocolate

Most of the foodies do not know that Mexico is the birthplace of chocolate. The history of chocolate begins in the early 1500swith the arrival of the Spanish, who discovered the Aztecs preparing an exquisite liquid from cacao seeds. An earlier version of today’s milkshakes come from Montezuma, the great Aztec emperor. 

 Mexican chocolate is smoother than European chocolate as it is made of sugar, cinnamon and cacao. However, it has a grainier texture too. One of the most popular dishes made with Mexican chocolate is hot chocolate. There is no cocoa powder in it; instead, powdered almond paste is used. 

 A Voyage Through Veggies And Fruits

What makes the Mexican dishes beautiful and pleasing to watch is the healthy addition of fruits and vegetables. Traditional Mexican dishes are full of chilli peppers, beans and corns. They use unique vegetables like chayote, emeritus, cactus and quintiles in their dishes. These are usually not found in any other food culture. Mexican salads are full of mangos, pomegranates and jackfruit.

Tacos and Tortillas

Tortilla and tacos are synonyms for Mexican food around the world. They are thin, round bread made of wheat, cornmeal, or flour. Unleavened flatbread is called tortillas, while a folded or rolled up tortilla filled with pulled pork, shrimp or fried fish is called a taco. Different types of salsa and grated cheese, chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce and onions are added for flavour. Tacos became popular in many other places, and there is even a National Taco Day celebrated in the U.S. on October fourth. 

 There is no wonder this article might have made the reader crave some yummy and flavoursome Mexican food. So go and grab one Mexican salsa and prepare a Mexican feast!

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