High quality Deck Builder- Here Hows To Do It?

Building a deck is the ultimate DIY backyard project. If you’ve always dreamt about building your own deck but are hesitant to tackle such a complicated project, we’ve got you covered. Here are some simple and proper techniques demonstrated to help you build a simple, high-quality deck and make you a high-quality deck builder like Stilus Design And Construction. Follow the step-by-step guide for an amazing DIY project.

If you’ve always dreamt about building your own deck but are hesitant to tackle such a complicated project, here are 6 simple steps to build a simple, high-quality deck.

Step 1 – Plan your deck

When planning the size of the deck, make sure you leave enough room for the outdoor furniture so you can move them around. While you’ve flexibility in choosing the location of a free-standing ground-level deck, there will be some building code requirement you’ll need to take care of. So, check with the local code before moving forward.

Step 2 – Dig holes for posts

Use batter boards and mason strings to determine the location of piers and footings. Mark each location and temporarily remove the strings. You can refer to a guide on how to mark locations using batter boards and mason strings. Next, dig a hole deep enough to extend below the frost line and wide enough to hold the footing at each location. The next step includes assembling the footings and piers and positioning one in each hole. Make sure you refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Now backfill gently.

Now check the positioning of the piers and make necessary adjustments.

Step 3 – Fill concrete and place post anchors

Mix cement bags in a wheelbarrow and pour the mixed cement into the tubing form. Now place a post anchor bolt into each footer before the concrete starts to harden. Also, leave enough of the bolt above the footing so you can connect the base. Now leave the concrete to cure as per the manufacturer’s instruction.

After the cement has cured, place post bases over each anchor bolt and align as shown in the drawings. However, make sure you don’t tighten the wood post all the way down; leave the nuts loose to adjust them later.

Step 4 – Attach beams or posts to post base

If your deck plan calls for posts, cut them a few inches above the height of the deck framing. Set them in the post base and place all the necessary hardware and nails.

If your plan needs a beam, set it directly to the bases and tune the beam level using metal strapping. Now attach the beam using the hardware and check the alignment to see whether the beams are square.

Step 5 – Attach angle brackets and rim joists

Now is the time to build the deck frame. First, attach the rim joist to the post using a 3 inch galvanized screw or 10D galvanized nails. Next, install the remaining joists using the same way to create a perimeter. Finally, cut the post flush to the top of the rim and add any additional hardware required, like angle brackets.

Step 6 – Attach trim and decking

Now, ascertain the distance from the wall to the outside of the trim board and add one inch for the overhang. Now cut the deck board to this length. Apply marine sealant on the top of a side rim joist. Lay the deck board in the adhesive and secure each end of the deck board with an 8D finish nail.

Now continue laying and nailing the next board until you complete the deck.

These were simple and basic steps involved in making a deck. However, make sure you read detailed guides and manufacturer’s instructions before taking up the job. Also, be very careful while using any tools.

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