Highlights of Damascus camo in Call of Duty : War Zone

The online video game Call of Duty has enjoyed widespread popularity because of its several interesting features. The graphics and the excitement related to the game along with the small rewards that are extremely satisfying are some of the reasons why so many people enjoy playing this game over the years. One of the ways in which the game allows you to enhance the experience of playing it is by providing you with different camouflages for your weapons.

These camouflage not only make your weapons look cool but also provide you with an opportunity to unlock them with a fun challenge. Some of the special camouflages available in Call of Duty: Warzone is Gold, Platinum, Obsidian, and Damascus camouflage. Among these camouflages, the Damascus camouflage is considered the last and the most difficult to unlock camouflage.

The Damascus camouflage is one of the most beautiful and the most sought-after camouflages in all Call of Duty games. To unlock Damascus camo, you need a lot of patience and effort, all of which is truly worthwhile when you get the reward which is stunning to say the least. First of all, you need to get the Platinum on all your base weapons. To get this, you will have to achieve Gold for all weapons in one particular category such as submachine guns and assault rifles.

Platinum camo can be achieved only if you get basic weapon camouflages such as casualty strings and ranged medals. After achieving Platinum, you can unlock Damascus when you get the basic weapon camouflages on all the categories which means that you should have gold on all 39 guns that you can use. This includes primary weapons and secondary weapons like pistols and melee.

It takes many hours to unlock Damascus camo, however playing smart can help you unlock it a little quicker than usual. For example, gain momentum during the grind for Damascus by spreading out your favorite weapons and keeping one for the one. Try running a melee as your secondary weapon. Having a riot shield or a knife can allow you to finish some challenges for that weapon on the side.

While completing challenges, you should choose your attachments carefully. For example, some challenges such as the “hip fire” kills become easier with attachments such as Merc Foregrip and 5mW laser by increasing the accuracy. Start by playing the most difficult challenges first and choose an order that suits your skill in order to optimize the speed with which you complete challenges and obtain the Damascus camo.

The Damascus is one of the most coveted camouflages in Call of Duty games and looks extremely stylish on the weapons. It has an aura about itself that draws the respect of the other players since it requires a lot of effort to achieve. Once you get the Damascus camouflage, you are bound to be held in high regard by the other players who will appreciate your resilience and the skill that was needed to unlock it.

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