Which Australian City Has the Best Casinos?

Playing all sorts of games and having a flutter on sports has been opened up by the online revolution. Many punters these days choose to play exclusively online thanks to the convenience.

Physical casinos are very much still popular alongside their online equivalents though. Australia has a range of brilliant land-based gaming sites. Here is a selection of the best down under has to offer:


The capital of Australia is home to a wealth in gambling entertainment. The Star is a famous name to gaming fans throughout the world. Indeed, the Star is one of Sydney’s major attractions.

Located in the prestigious Darling Harbour, the Star offers visitors a fantastic five-star hotel and world-class dining options. The huge gaming space takes in over 100,000 square feet. There are two gaming floors taking in a huge variety of games.  Visitors can try their hand at games including Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack and Pontoon. The 130 table games and 1400 games machines offer a fantastic experience all around.

The entertainment possibilities also include a nightclub and show venue for music events. Absolute comfort and is also provided by a luxurious day spa. Visitors to the city can also make the most of a selection of top retail opportunities.


Australia’s second biggest city has much to recommend to visitors including one of the country’s best casinos.

The Crown Casino is the best place to enjoy the city’s gaming and entertainment space. Across its vast area, the Crown provides a fantastic assortment of casino and gaming options. International gaming fans are valued by the casino space and that comes across in its commitment to the overall experience.

As well as the brilliant gaming options where you can easily learn all the different poker hands, there is a high standard of food and drink continuously available on demand. The Crown casino is also a resort, so close attention to visitors is always provided. The overall complex includes three hotels: Crown Towers, Crown Metropol and Crown Promenade.

The Casino space is also memorable thanks to its impressive water features. This plus the impressive Palladium ballroom at Crown brings out a fine experience for the traveller looking for the best in Australian leisure and casino play.


Brisbane is often referred to as ‘Brisvegas’ and the reasons why soon become apparent to any visitor to the city. Located in the state of Queensland, Brisbane is home to one of Australia’s best casinos.

The Treasury Casino and Hotel offers visitors to the country a stunning experience of top-flight entertainment. With its 1300 poker machines and various games on its 80 tables, the casino is a valuable draw to the city.

The property has been the beneficiary of state funding to maintain its historic assets. The money has been used to preserve and restore the beautiful stonework and structure of the space. With such attention to overall draw of the casino, the appeal to tourists looks set to continue.


Travellers to South Australia are sure to want to check out the Adelaide SkyCity Casino.  The gaming place has a wide range of up-to-date machines offering everything a gaming fan could ask for. There are also options to play the classic Australian gambling game of Two-up, a noted national game.

Located in a former railway station, SkyCity provides a noteworthy trip for gamers from all over the world. Providing excellent dining and elegant leisure options are also offered in the resort’s six restaurants and four bars. Always a lively spot in the city, the casino is a true highlight in the area.


Crown Perth has everything the gambling visitor to Western Australia could wish for. Located in a massive hub that includes two hotels, two concert halls, and a nightclub, the 24/7 casino is part of a glamourous entertainments package.

There are not many casino resorts bigger than this one anywhere. The attention to detail is also impressive, with the space providing full travel luxury for every visitor. As well as the top-class gaming offerings, there is a luxury spa, fantastic restaurants and bars plus an eighteen-hole golf course.

The Crown is positioned on the banks of the Swan River. Visitors could take a scenic cruise along the water to celebrate a recent victory. Alternatively, they could simply relax in one of the beautiful interiors of the Crown itself.

Australian cities offer a marvellous experience for anyone looking for the best in gambling entertainment. With an unmatched potential for comfort, service and quality, the country is well-equipped with the best casinos.

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