Too Much or Just Right? The Average Cost to Install Solar Panels

One of the most game-changing trends in the ways we consume energy in recent years concerns solar power. Although solar panels have been steadily increasing in popularity this century, the past year has taken things to a whole other level. 2020 and 2021 have seen solar panel installation uptake absolutely skyrocket, with more than two million American homes now fully powered by solar.

Looking at the current numbers, it also seems that 2022 is set to be another record-smashing year for US solar. Perhaps you, like millions of other Americans, are looking to finally make the switch and install solar panels. If so, your first concern is likely to be the cost. So, what is the average cost to install solar panels? Read our solar panel installation cost breakdown to find out.

  1. Average Cost to Install Solar Panels in 2021

While it is difficult to put an exact figure on the solar panel installation cost for your home, we can provide some ballpark figures. As this guide explains, your upfront costs will usually cover both solar panel installation and equipment. This is the same regardless of the solar panel installation companies you might be considering.

Costs tend to vary from state to state, but you can expect to pay between $13,000 and $18,000 for full installation, service, and equipment. Costs are highest in expensive states such as California and Hawaii, and lowest in cheaper states such as Alabama and North Carolina. This estimate is for a standard 6KW system, which is enough to power the average-sized American home.

  1. How to Save Money

Before you start Googling “solar panel installers near me”, make sure that you have taken all of the steps necessary to save money. In America, you will never, ever pay the full prices quoted above for your solar. This is because there is a huge wealth of tax breaks, grants, and incentives designed to get more households onto solar, to save the environment.

There is the Federal Tax Credit for solar, which will easily save you several thousand dollars on installation costs. Beyond this, there are a number of state and local incentives you can take advantage of if you know where to look. Let’s take the example of the city of Columbia, North Carolina.

This solar savings estimate shows that a resident here could take advantage of specific local programs to claw back thousands of additional dollars throughout the lifespan of the solar system. This way, your solar could pay for itself in no time.

  1. Factors That Affect Cost

Finally, it is important to stress that your solar costs will be influenced by a multitude of factors. The size of your house is the most important factor, with bigger houses requiring more expensive installation and equipment. The state you are residing in also plays a big role, due to local labor and material costs.

The climate may also play a role, with solar tending to be more cost-effective in sunnier climes, for obvious reasons. These are the main factors that affect the cost of solar.

Future-Proof Your Home Today 

Now that you know the average cost to install solar panels, it’s time to start prepping your home for the future. For future-oriented tips on how to improve your home and bolster its value, we have got you covered. Simply check out our latest Home Improvement guides to learn more.

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