Essay Writing Tips to Avoid Potential Mistakes

How to Avoid Essay Writing Pitfalls When English Isn’t Your First Language

Thousands of international students get enrolled in different accredited universities in the UK, USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, and other countries. They come from different educational backgrounds. A large number of overseas students don’t speak English as their first language. 

For instance, Asians who go to the United Kingdom to continue their education may not be able to perfectly comprehend English. Although universities and colleges arrange English language programs for international students, it’s never easy to fill the gap quickly.

It takes time to develop a good understanding of a foreign language. That’s the reason they might have to face challenges especially during the first year of college or university. 

Such students should be able to overcome the language barrier after becoming friends with native English speakers and completing a linguistic course from the University.

Understanding requirements and completing essay writing assignments could be a challenging task if you are not a native English speaker. Professional essay writing services can help if you can’t figure out how to write a good essay. Find a reliable academic writing platform, go to the website, and request them to get your assignment completed.

Is not English your first language? Fear not, here you are going to explore true and tried strategies to avoid essay writing pitfalls. 

Make right Use of Articles

One of the biggest concerns for international students is the wrong use of articles. They don’t have enough understanding to use articles correctly. Essays with such mistakes are considered unprofessional. They might not assist you in scoring good marks.

You can remember articles as words and they include “the”, “a”, and “an”. They are usually used with a noun. You can use them under particular conditions while writing an essay. Use only where you consider them important. Try not to overuse as this can result in a poorly written document.

Use Apostrophe Appropriately 

In many instances, international students use apostrophes incorrectly. In other cases, they completely forget to use an apostrophe where necessary. In either case, your essay will suffer.

You have to learn the proper use of Apostrophes to make your essay look great. It should take you several days to read about this. The common mistake is when you try to use an apostrophe with plural nouns.

Don’t make an unnecessary utilization of apostrophes as this can result in grammatical mistakes in your write-up. Some of the most common mistakes where they are used include contractions, possessions, and pluralizing nouns.

Use Correct Homonyms

When two words sound the same, they are known as homonyms. International students may not have a very good understanding of such words. Usually, they don’t know about the spell differences. That’s the reason why get end up using the wrong homonyms.

They are used in different sentence situations. You have to analyze and find the correct word choice. Some of the most common homophones that you should be aware of include affect/effect, their/they’re, and new/knew.

Make sure to use the right words under the right situation. Mixing up could be detrimental to effective essay writing. Study a guide on homonyms and make sure you understand differences before you use any of them.

Check Before You Submit

Students are always in a hurry. This is because they have more than a few things to deal with at a time. Many of them run part-time businesses to earn a livelihood. 

A large number of students forget or intentionally omit to proofread their documents before the final submission. This can be dangerous for your academic success. Develop a habit of checking your work thoroughly so that you can find common mistakes and correct them.

Don’t give just a bird’s eye view, try to read carefully instead. Many experts suggest reading b as it helps in identifying the potential errors. However, you can work either way. The core purpose is to find mistakes in your paper and fix them timely.

Reviewing your essays regularly can help you correct errors in your writing. Never compromise on the quality and ensure all flaws have been taken away through the proofread processor.

Stop Using Hard Words

Many international students are under the impression that using complex words can help them in making an essay sound professional. They try to find the meanings of difficult words and use them throughout an essay.

This is not the right thing to do when it comes to essay writing. You have to follow the correct strategy. The core purpose of an essay is to make readers understand your opinion. You can’t achieve this purpose through difficult words. 

An essay should sound clear and easy to understand instead of challenging to comprehend. Stop thinking about using exclusive words and phrases. Prefer using common words that readers can understand without opening thesaurus.


Being an international student could be slightly challenging especially when you have to write assignments assigned by mentors. Having English as a second language shouldn’t stop you from becoming a good student. Simply pay attention to grammatical rules and soon you should be able to master essay writing. All it requires is dedication, effort, and practice.

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