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How Can Executive Search Firms Help You Meet Your Hospitality Recruiting Needs?

The saying, “Good help is hard to find,” is exactly why executive search firms exist. They scour the industry looking for the perfect candidates for your company to hire so you can focus on your own work. While some may assume this is a problem for human resources, even human resource departments can be stretched thin or have trouble finding candidates for a position that reach the level of skill the job really requires.

For those in hospitality, there are even specific hospitality executive search firms who will find the right people to fit any position that may come available. Need a chef? A small army of maids? Maybe you need someone to run concessions. Using an executive search firm is an easy way to solve a big problem.

How do Executive Search Firms Work?

An executive work firm takes the hiring process usually done by a human resource department and rather than put out a job advertisement, they search their database of people to find suitable candidates. They focus solely on hiring and finding people to hire. These people can come from word of mouth to people they have found work for previously.

“It sounds like a temp agency.” While there are similarities, executive search firms provide a more permanent solution. The employees through these firms are usually hired directly by the company rather than the company contracting the employees through the firm. For information on how these employees are found, click here. has an article about being on the other side of an executive search firm, the employee’s point of view.

What Can I Expect from an Executive Search Firm?

Imagine setting up a booth at a job fair where you only interact with people who have experience and knowledge about your industry. At the door to this job fair, you’ll see a guide pointing each potential employee to exactly where they are needed.

An executive search firm has a huge number of candidates they are finding jobs for in the industry they specialize in. With hospitality firms, you will find the best candidates for kitchens, wait staff, even tourism destinations. You can expect the best staff in a timely manner with knowledge and experience. Hiring is their job, and you can rest assured they will do a good job. If you are interested in working in the hospitality and food industry, start your journey by getting CFT’s Food Handling Certificate.

Pros and Cons

Recruitment is not a new industry. There are many different names for the industries, including temp agencies, recruitment agencies, and now executive search firms. The main difference with executive search firms is speed, quality, and reliability.

With an executive search firm, you can rest assured knowing you will get a group of highly qualified individuals rather than anyone looking for a job. It is like having potential employees go through a first interview to weed out those who do not fit the job. With that out of the way, you are left with the more qualified people to attend to. You may also find a wider number of potential candidates than if you were simply posting an ad online. Executive search firms have a variety of people on their roster to look through. By doing the searching ahead of time, they are reliable and have a wider range of potential employees who they can bring on rather than letting potential employees come to them.

On the other side, using an executive search firm can be expensive. As they are a directory of potential employees, finding exactly who you need for the job, they can be expensive. According to Dezzain, they will likely require you to pay more if you are looking for more qualified candidates, especially for a senior level position, While some executive search firms may have a flat fee, most are based on the potential income the employee with see.

Some businesses also prefer a hands-on approach to hiring. By letting an executive search firm lead potential employees to you, you are limited to those who the company has found suitable to the position. This will exclude those they feel are not the best fit, though the opinions of the company and the firm may differ.

While there are many pros and cons, so long as you are looking for highly qualified employees, executive search firms are a great way to find them.

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