The GTG-L60 60” Spectrum RGB Reversible L Shaped Glass Desk

Setting up a gaming rig takes a lot of time and effort, and knowing you’ve got just the right desk to offer comfortable support is key to acing those shots.

Which is why picking a desk should be such a long crawl. You need a surface that’s fit for purpose, that’ll last a long time, and can cope with heavy use day by day. With that in mind, here’s a good option for you!

At Eureka Ergonomics, we specialize in providing efficient, accurate, and comfortable gaming wear that’s suitable for any and all skill levels. Fresh from our range of L shaped gaming desks, the GTG-L60 has quickly become a bestseller, and for good reason.

Here’s a breakdown of the product stats that make this desk great:

Incredible RGB Lighting Technology


One of the biggest selling points of this desk is the high quality RGB lighting it comes fitted with. A full surface spectrum set, the RGB capability along the L shaped design is next to none.

The RGB setup is audio reactive, meaning it games with you. Whenever you’re reacting to something in game, the desk will reflect this in your set up. You can choose many different lighting styles to benefit from, including Wave, Breath, Slide, and Ripple styles.

Over 200 RGB lights are included in the desk, creating a high intensity impact that will please any gamer. You can control the brightness of the lights to ensure ultimate comfort, and you can even download an app straight to your phone and computer desktop to allow for ease of use.

Design and Shape


The design of this particular gaming desk is next level. Made to be the ultimate in ergonomic gaming comfort, it can be adjusted and arranged to suit whatever person is using it. The L shape of the desk is the most modern template to currently grace the gaming desk market.

A reversible template

An L shaped computer desk is only effective if the L shaped tail can be moved either way. And with this desk, it can be! No matter your dominant hand, no matter the shape of your room, no matter the orientation that would best suit you, the GTG-L60 will be able to meet your demands.

Perfect for all uses

This desk isn’t just good for gamers – it’s good for the whole computer using crowd. After all, you can adjust the desk according to shape and size, and it’s made to be the most up to date ergonomic piece available to buy. If you need to change and/or upgrade in the near future, it won’t be hard to simply swap the desk around for your use.

The Durability Factor


The GTG-L60 is one of the most durable desks we currently have available via our website. Made to be the top of its generation, alongside the L shaped desk design, this product has a lot to offer even the most heavy weight of gaming prowess.

Made with a solid carbon steel frame, the desk can withstand an enormous amount of weight and pressure from anything rested on top. As well as this, it also comes with a 4 pillar desk leg design, one of the strongest support structures available for multi dimensional objects.

The glass that lines the desktop is also tempered. With this added durability it is able to withstand a lot of pressure and high temperatures. Resting an overclocked computer tower or console onto the glass will have no effect on the surface porosity.

Tempered glass also means the surface is scratch proof, so you won’t have to worry about leaving marks when moving your set up around. It’s similarly waterproof, so there’s no chance a spillage will negatively affect the way you work either.

Accessories Everyone Will Love

The GTG-L60 L shaped desk also comes with a variety of modern and accessible accessories.

You can benefit from an under desk cup holder, meaning you won’t have to run the risk of a bottle or cup spilling on the surface of the desk itself. This also helps to prevent any interruptions to the landscape of your gaming session.

You can also make use of a dual headphone hook. If you have more than one headset for various loadouts, you can store them here for easy reach.

You’ll also be able to simply hook up your power strips to the desk, allowing for a minimum messy impact.

A Good Value for Money

The current price of the GTG-L60 L shaped desk is $549.99, which is very affordable for the current generation of ergonomic gaming desks.

The L shaped design can fetch a much higher price across the market, as can the added spectrum RGB lights which can be customized from a simple touch of your phone.

As such, we know this desk has a very high value for money. Made to be durable and last the user a very long time, no matter the intended use, the desk itself will stand up for the most extensive purposes.

Benefits of Buying a Gaming Desk


Having a desk made specifically for gaming to use during your sessions can provide a lot of benefits. Most of all it allows the user a lot more room to spread out, meaning you can use a multi monitor set up and have a full range in using mouse, keyboard, and controller.

But a gaming desk also ensures the room for injury is much lower. An ergonomic design means you can stay comfortable seated at it for hours on end. You won’t need to readjust to ensure your back and arms are supported, and the design itself encourages a central seating position. This means you’ll always have the best view of the screens in front of you.

A gaming desk can make all the difference. Our GTG-L60 L Shaped desk, with RGB spectrum lighting and tempered glass design is one of the best for your money right now.


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