How can I look 20 years younger by facelift treatment?

When you look in the mirror, do you see a 20-year younger image?

Or sadly, do you see a 20-year older persona?

Getting older is as easy as getting by for 365 days but looking younger for your age can be as tricky as waiting for the crow’s feather to turn white. When people ask me how I keep looking young, I always tell them that I started my skin regimen young. However, in today’s ever-evolving modern world, people can look ten, twenty or even thirty years younger with the magic wand of the cosmetic realm.

One was the era when only the wealthy and popular can get cosmetic treatments like facelift surgery, brow lift surgery. In this modern world that we thrive in, anyone can experience the wonders of the cosmetic realm’s magic wand. In fact, anywhere you are, many skin clinics offer a wide selection of Facelift Treatments

What facelift treatment options are available so I can look 20 years younger?

Figure 1: facelift treatment disparity

Here are the top 6 facelift treatments in Melbourne that can surely help you achieve a 20-year younger statuette:

6. Botox

This is also referred to as Botulinum Toxin which is a neurotoxin that operates intracellularly blocking the secretion of acetylcholine neurotransmitters. When this happens the intended treatment site results in flaccid muscle paralysis.

The human body is composed of millions of nerves that are connected to the brain and the different muscles and tissues of the body. Before the muscle contracts, it receives neurotransmissions enabling it to move according to the signal sent by the brain.

You may not notice it but each muscle in your body contract almost every second. Your facial muscles contract as you smile, squint, eat, speak or even when you breathe. When these facial muscles keep on contracting, wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and folds begin to form, go a certain day it needs more care like facelift treatment, brow lift treatment, and more skincare cosmetic surgery to development.

This is when Botox comes in. As the botulinum toxin is administered to the intended facial muscle, it hampers the same from contracting. And as the muscles relax, the formation and development of facial lines are halted. Face lifting or skincare surgery thus creating smooth, wrinkle-free, and younger-looking skin than before.

5. Laser Resurfacing

This treatment involves the use of light energy that targets damaged skin cells. Laser resurfacing is sometimes called light therapy or laser vaporization. The use of light energy repairs and regenerates facial tissues while “vaporizing” the old, dry and dull skin cells. When the new and younger skin layers are exposed, you will surely look twenty years younger.

4. Microdermabrasion

This skin rejuvenation procedure involves the use of microfine crystal beads applied to resurface the epidermis. Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive technique that helps combat wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and other skin woes.

The procedure entails abrading the epidermis with the crystal beads and then vacuuming the exfoliated skin cells. After the procedure, patients will experience instantly noticeable results with minimal downtimes which resolve on their own within the next 24 hours.

This is one of the safest and most efficient anti-aging techniques that does not require needles, knives, sutures and anesthesia. Just like laser resurfacing, you will exude a newer, fresher, and younger skin complexion after the facelift treatment

3. Anti-wrinkle Injections

These injectables work in a similar manner as Botox. The purified protein substance in anti-wrinkle injections hampers the nerve signals from reaching the intended facial muscles. This, in turn, hinders the muscles from contracting, hence, preventing fine lines, creases, folds and wrinkles from forming and developing.

2. Chemical Peels

These are minimally invasive skin care treatments that use chemical solutions in “peeling” the outer layers of the skin. Chemical peels involve different formulas depending on the type of skin condition to be addressed, the patient’s skin laxity, and the severity of the condition.

Some of these chemical formulas include alpha hydroxy acid, beta hydroxy acid, trichloroacetic acid, salicylic acid, resorcinol exfoliant, lactic acid, and hydroquinone. These chemical peels help exfoliate old, dry and dull skin tissues while exposing a smoother, youthful and natural-looking complexion.

Chemical peels are also proven reliable in softening fine lines, especially on the forehead. It helps combat sun damage and hyperpigmentation that otherwise makes the skin appear old and damaged.

1.Dermal Fillers

These skin-enhancing facelift treatment approach to younger beautiful skin involves the use of filler injections that may contain hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and autologous fats. In most cases, hyaluronic-acid-based dermal fillers are used for combating signs of aging on the face.

Hyaluronic acid works to induce the natural refurbishment of collagen and elastin in the inner tissues of the skin. When collagen and elastin are increased, it results in a smoother, suppler and softer skin texture and appearance.

Dermal fillers are most ideal for restoring the lost volume in the affected facial structures and combating skin sagging. This treatment also helps revitalize the skin by maintaining the needed hydration to keep it looking young and rejuvenated.

These are just six of the many facelift treatments that can help you achieve the skin rejuvenation that you have been dreaming of. Other techniques that may be helpful for you include fractional radiofrequency resurfacing, platelet-rich plasma, dermabrasion, micro-needling, and thread lift. You may also choose to have a traditional facelift surgery in Melbourne

Whether you opt for a surgical or non-surgical approach, always make sure that you visit your trusted cosmetic doctors in Melbourne for a comprehensive consultation. This can help you get the best and experienced facelift or brow lift treatment that will give a realization to your aesthetic dreams.

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Take your first step towards looking 20 years younger, try any of these anti-aging treatments today!

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