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Top 6 Factors to Consider When Picking Online Drug Stores

Choosing an online option for picking online drug stores can be a daunting task. How do you know who to trust? How do you know your drugs are safe?

Consumers should expect online options for buying drugs online to continue to grow. Recent estimates found that by 2026, the industry could reach $132 billion in business.

Picking Online Drug Stores

Online pharmacies operate much like any other online retailer. Because they buy in larger volumes, they pass those savings onto you by making costs cheaper. You have many options for medicine, while not having to rely on friends and family to get your prescriptions delivered discreetly to your home.

These are the top five factors you should consider when buying drugs online to make sure what you’re getting is safe and effective.

Verify Its Legitimacy

Many places online already sort out who’s legit and who’s not, like LegitScript. They scope out pharmacies that are safe and weed out the ones who are scammers.

Find out if the pharmacy is licensed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and if it is licensed in your state to operate.

You want a trustworthy pharmacy that is selling legitimate medications, so as to not make you more sick. A legitimate pharmacy will only sell you medications with a valid prescription.

Pharmacist Availability

Much like walking into a physical pharmacy, does your online pharmacy have a licensed pharmacist you can speak with about your medication? Can you do a video chat should you have questions?

These pharmacists can analyze what types of medications you are currently taking and discuss any drug interactions. A legitimate pharmacy should have a pharmacist you can directly speak with about your options for medicine, even discussing the labels on products.

Options for Medicine

Each online pharmacy will have the types of medications they sell as well as their price available right on their website.

Know what you are getting and at what price can save you money. You can also discuss these prices and quantities with your doctor to ensure you are getting the best deal, especially if you have costly prescriptions.

Secure Payment

Be sure your online pharmacy takes a credit or debit card as their payment so the transaction is trackable. Any pharmacy that requires you to send money through the mail is likely not legitimate and could be questionable.

A secure transaction also means should your medication not arrive in the mail, the shipping service can find the location of your package.

Check Online Reviews

Scan a potential online pharmacy website for online customer reviews. What do others have to say about their services and the types of medications they sell? How is their shipping service? What kind of customer service do they provide?

Be sure these pharmacies have high response rates.


Picking online drug stores do not have to be difficult or stressful. It just requires taking some time to sort out which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams.

Buying drugs online can you get you the best options for medicine while saving you money in a safe and effective way while shipping them directly to your front door.

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