Indonesia Work KITAS – A Complete Guide in 2023

A KITAS, also known as a residence permit card for a limited stay, is required if you want to live or work in Indonesia. It permits the bearer to remain in Indonesia for up to 12 months, however, it can extended if necessary. 

When you request for a long-term visa to Indonesia, such as one for a job, retirement, spouse/family, or another category, you will get a KITAS. You need a sponsor (like your employer) to assist you with the application because this is a residency permit, not a tourist visa, and a substantial portion of the application procedure takes place from within Indonesia. It also usually referred to as a work permit, a temporary stay permit, or a work visa.

Types of KITAS in Indonesia

The sorts of KITAS that offered in Indonesia reflect the primary motives behind visitors’ presence there. There are many KITAS in Indonesia, along with their purposes, are listed in the table below.

  • A work permit for workers, often known as a KITAS,
  • A KITAS dependant visa for couples, kids, and
  • A KITAS retirement visa for retired people.
  • Student KITAS
  • Investment KITAS

How Should You Start

You must first find a firm or organization that will sponsor you or offer you a position in Indonesia. After you have that, you may immediately begin the application process.

But, as we previously stated, the application for a work visa necessitates a lot of back-and-forth between regional government bodies. It might be challenging to find the time and money to accomplish that, especially if you’re still abroad or have other moving-related tasks to complete. Don’t worry, though; knowledgeable experts like Paul Hype Page Indonesia can offer assistance locally to guarantee that you have a hassle-free way to obtain your KITAS. 

Certain methods may alter in line with international attempts to contain the Covid-19 epidemic, depending on the circumstances in the country. But, our service providers, who will assist you throughout the process, can help you keep up with what’s happening locally.

Starting a Foreigner-Owned Business in Indonesia

The demand for a 10 billion rupiah in terms of investment is one of the reasons foreigners may not think about forming a corporation in Indonesia.

The best part is that this doesn’t need you to contribute the full amount as your first paid-up capital; rather, you must consider how you want to invest the 10 billion rupiahs over five years. For the governing body’s approval, this will described in a business plan.

The most popular entity type for international business owners wishing to establish a company in Indonesia is a private limited liability company. But, it’s also possible to create a local corporation (Local PT) using a locally nominated director.

Apply for KITAS Online

You must go to this website, which is the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration’s official website, in order to submit an online KITAS application. Choose “Temporary Stay Permit” and then adhere to the on-screen directions your authorization number is necessary. 

You must still visit the immigration office in person to pay the cost and collect the ITAS stamp on your passport after submitting your KITAS application online. You then need to register with the population office of the nearby municipality, obtain your Registration Certificate for Temporary Residence, and obtain the Police Statement Letter from the neighbourhood police department.

Civil Registration and Reporting

Within 14 days of receiving your KITAS, you must complete this step, which required. To complete this final prerequisite for your legal stay in Indonesia, experts will compile all the necessary documentation and accompany you to the Civil Administration Department.

For more information on getting your Indonesia work KITAS, you can reach out to experienced service providers like Paul Hype Page Indonesia

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