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How can I speed up the process of making a tax return?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) may take a while to process tax returns thereby elongating the waiting period. This may be due to incorrect details in the tax return, technical issues among other reasons. Luckily, there are ways to shorten this time to attain a faster result. This article covers important measures to take to receive your tax refund as soon as possible.

Why does processing tax refunds take so long?

To ensure quick delivery of tax refunds, one needs to understand why it could take so long in the first place. Here are some mistakes that could the hinder fast delivery of tax refunds:

  • Errors: People often make mistakes when filing their taxes without even knowing it. This could be a result of a lack of proper knowledge in filing taxes. Common errors include incorrect deductions, inadequate information, and wrong figures among others. If a taxpayer is not up to the task of doing their taxes, they can hire an accountant or service. A good example of a service that gets the job done is professional tax resolution agencies.
  • Late filing: Due to the large number of people filing tax yearly, filing your tax returns late could cause them to be processed for a longer time.
  • Paper tax return: Filing a paper tax return is sure to take longer to process it would have to be transferred to a computer manually. E-filing is a lot faster and efficient.

Speeding up the process

  • File tax returns as early as possible: The IRS reported that over 240 million tax returns were processed in 2020. This gives an idea of how much workload the IRS has to deal with. Filing your tax returns early before a whole bunch of other people gives you an edge to receiving any possible refunds quickly.
  • Ensure that your Social Security number tallies: Every taxpayer is required to have a social security number. This number is used when filing tax returns. Your Social Security Number and name combination must tally with the details in the Social Security Administration’s database. If they don’t match, the tax return will most likely be rejected and you will have to go through the process of making corrections that can take a long time.
  • Making use of E-file: Filing taxes electronically is a lot faster and less time-consuming. E-filing with direct deposit takes about 21 days to process in comparison to using paper which could take about six to eight weeks. E-filing also provides other perks like lesser errors, increased convenience, confidentiality, and so on.
  • Use direct deposit: Choosing direct deposit implies that tax refunds will go directly to your bank account. If you want a fast result, do not choose the mail method to receive your tax return. The process of using mail is more stressful, less convenient, and a lot riskier.

With all these mentioned, keep in mind that whatever measures you take to hasten the tax refund process must be as safe as possible. Ensure that your details are filled correctly as well as tax returns being filed as early as possible to get desired results.

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