Mindfulness Meditation for Teenagers

3 Steps to Doing Mindfulness Meditation for Teenagers  

In this age of technology and other improvements, pressure is being placed on the youth who are nearing the stage of adulting. It’s also hard for them to secure a place in society because they do not match whatever the standards were set. They have to keep up with the many things that are occurring around and simultaneously. Remember you can motivate them to do something, however, they must be willing themselves to do the meditation and then inspire others to do the same too.

Advantages of Mindfulness to Teenagers

Take note that mindfulness meditation is not the cure to all mental health illnesses and other physical health-related mishaps. However, it could also provide benefits to teenagers:

  • Decreased intense emotional response
  • Providing more time to assess the situation
  • Open for knowledge
  • More for self-control and urge
  • Organized people
  • Lower levels of anxiety
  • A lower level of depression

Teaching them mindfulness

Deciding to teach mindfulness to the youth would mean taking note of some considerations. What age brackets do those kids belong to? Identify the best approach that works for them. It is highly encouraged that you experiment with them to check the quality. It’s high time to provide a series of meditation exercises to help them cope with the tasks that bombard them.

Below are some suggestions for things to do while waiting for something:

Persuade them to practice the meditation by giving out different meditation ideas for relaxation

You have to let the children be reminded that there are other options in terms of practicing mindfulness meditation. There are many shoppers anywhere that might not be interested in the breathing part.

Do not restrict them from expressing any manifestations of resistance

Let the teenagers be expressive to everything that you say especially during the meditation sessions. They must be ready to join the session however, others would also directly reject or get distracted along the way. However, you must guide them because some struggle with concentration, especially when looking for peace within a distracting environment. They can work out their focus gradually until the point that they can fully be wary of the people in your head.

Mindfulness should be taught using realistic examples

You have to relate to them and their feelings when sharing the benefits of mindfulness meditation by adding personal experiences so that they can easily get a picture of what’s going to happen. Make analogies if you cannot give out personal experiences. Your engagement with the kids will significantly increase when they’re comfortable with expressing themselves. You don’t have to rush things with them and allow them to organize things according to their needs.

Steps to do Mindfulness Exercises

You’re probably wondering by now what would be the next step to make meditation possible. Not everyone can appreciate the benefits of mindfulness but if you can help the youth provide a place where they can start adjusting themselves, then it’s better. The steps below are enumerated to assist you in guiding them to start with their mindfulness exercises.

  1. Make room for breathing space.

First of all, teenagers should learn to be calm and be aware of their surroundings by finding the peace of nature within them. Introduce them to embrace breathing exercises. The youth must search for comfort amid the busy surroundings, especially when they’re bombarded with many things all at once. It’s difficult to remain calm despite the many distractions around them but when they learn to appreciate the importance of setting some time for themselves to carry out calming activities to re-energize their bodies and clear their mind with unsettling thoughts. Through these, the youth can place great value on taking care of themselves more than leaving their bodies to get stressed.

  1. Enhance their self-esteem

Most teenagers have an unhealthy view of themselves, especially on their appearances due to the influences of society. However, such low self-confidence can be overcome through mindfulness meditation. This is a great way to enhance their view of themselves from an appreciative perspective. They have to be reminded that there’s nothing wrong with them and they’re worthy to be respected and loved by everyone.

  1. Tuning in to the body and nature

Tuning into the physical body is another step under mindfulness meditation because it allows the person to be aware of themselves and view the surroundings as how they perceive it from their body. The person then becomes more sensitive to the environment within them. This is also applicable to nature where most have not really gone out of their homes to spend time admiring nature. Help them experience the calming nature of the environment by letting them conduct mindful activities associated with nature.


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