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How a Perfect Dressing Room Looks: Tips From an Architect

A beautiful and comfortable dressing room is the dream of any modern person. But simply allocating a room for storing clothes is not enough. There are many nuances to consider.

Everything is important in the dressing room – from space planning to built-in lighting. It should be arranged in such a way that you can distinguish a black suit from a dark blue one at any time of the day. So here is what you have to consider.

1. Determine the space

When designing a dressing room, you, first of all, need to understand what kind of space you have. If this is a country house and its area allows you to make a spacious dressing room, then it can be even larger than the bedroom. This approach makes it possible to conveniently place all the wardrobes and items. At this point, it is logical to separate the male and female parts and make the so-called closet island.

2. Make it a checkpoint

If we are talking about a dressing room for outerwear on the first floor of the house, then it is convenient to make it a walk-through. For example, if the garage is located directly in the house itself, the dressing room should be located between the garage and the main entrance so that it is convenient to enter from both sides and hang clothes.

3. Decide on the level of built-in lighting inside cabinets

Most designers try to make sure that there is a window in a dressing room, but, unfortunately, the area does not always allow it. For proper lighting, it is best to use swivel ceiling lights and always integrate local lighting into the shelves in front of the boom. The level of the built-in lighting should be such that you can easily distinguish a black suit from a navy one. And if these are closed cabinets, it is recommended to make lighting for opening. It has proven to be a convenient solution.

4. Think about the location of the bar

It is recommended that the bar is placed at eye level. Of course, you can install multiple bars for clothes. For example, there may be a small mezzanine for storing seasonal clothes that you take out once a season. The hangers themselves are no less important.

5. Get a closet island

The presence of a closet island significantly increases the level of comfort while using the dressing room. If space permits, it’s always a good idea to design an island. It is very convenient to put there the things that you plan to wear or, conversely, fold T-shirts and sweaters before putting them on the shelves in the closet. The island itself can accommodate boxes for linen, small items, and jewelry.

6. Decide how to store jewelry

Jewelry that is often worn is best kept in jewelry boxes on dressing tables. But if there is a lot of jewelry, then flat-wide drawers are made. It is imperative to provide small jumpers inside, which will allow you to put each accessory in a separate cell.

7. Think about a dressing table

Ask yourself if you need a dressing table in your dressing room. It can be a very convenient thing in the dressing room, but if there is a large bathroom nearby, it is not necessary. This is always a very individual decision. So it is up to you to choose.

8. Decide on how to store shoes

Why is it not convenient to store women’s shoes on sloped shelves? And what to give your preference to? Storing shoes in order is very important. For example, sloped shelves can be used for men’s shoes, which are usually of the same format or look. These are either classic boots or sneakers. And they stand well on an inclined plan; thus, they are always visible and easy to get out. As for women’s shoes, it is better to use flat shelves for them. For example, shoes with pointed toes on inclined shelves are not convenient to store. They may also vary in height. Therefore, it is better to think about adjustable shelves.

9. Consider using boxes

If there is very little space and a lot of shoes, box storage can be used. At the same time, for the convenience of finding the right pair, designers from Spotless Agency always recommend photographing the shoes with a Polaroid and sticking the picture on the box. Then storage will become easy and as compact as possible.

10. Make it a transformer

Ergonomics and the possibility of modifying the dressing room are very important so that it can be used as a transformer. For example, if over time, it may become necessary to change the proportions of the male and female parts in the cabinets in one direction or another. That’s why a dressing room should be organized in a way that is easy to adjust when necessary.

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