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What Management Services Should You Expect When Consulting A Strata Company?

In this day and age, the job and responsibilities of a strata manager are still a mystery to most folks, and strata managers are often confused with property managers. However with many excellent strata management services in the fray, it becomes imperative to know the services they offer.

What Is A Strata?

The term Strata is an Australian one and is only 50 years old, and today, you will find more than 200,000 in the entire country. A strata in essence is a tenancy agreement for part ownership of a unit, which can vary in size from a single unit to a lodge in the outskirts of the city.

Body Corporate Services include investing in the community that is present there, which means that driveways, gardens, lifts, and sundry access areas are common to all residents.  You, on your part, have a few responsibilities and duties that strata building managements can coordinate and execute smoothly without your active presence, thus saving you time and money, invaluable items of existence.

Advantages Of Using Strata Services

The reason why strata management companies are in high demand is due to the frantic pace of life today. At the expense of a few dollars extra per month, you will get a medium between your householder’s association and the state. The Strata manager will liaison with the necessary people for different kinds of issues related to the property.

 Strata Management Company Services To Expect

●       Maintaining The Property:

it is the responsibility of the strata building maintenance company to ensure that the strata property owners or tenants are always comfortable. To this end, the strata manager, with the auspices of the housing committee, will get quotes from contractors for maintenance jobs round the year from cleaners, gardeners, and builders for example.

In a few instances, the strata manager can go ahead with minor maintenance work without a nod from the committee. Property maintenance can include strata cleaning services, strata garden maintenance, and more.

●     Record Custody And Updating:

While in Australia, the owner’s corporation has the responsibility of keeping and updating the housing records. With the arrival of a strata manager, this task is delegated to him or her. In this case, just ensure that you adhere to the Strata Schemes Act.

This means that important documents related to housing like tenancy deeds will be in the custody of the strata manager for the length of the resident’s stay. Most of these records are for 5-7 years on the trot. If the owner or mortgagee wants to have a look at the papers, it is the duty and responsibility of strata specialists to furnish these.

●       Taxation Duties And Financial Management:

When you live in a housing scheme under the strata scheme, it will require you to pay for regular maintenance and other things like utility bills. The strata manager will prepare a working budget and submit it to you for approval.

He will also make sure that all debts are cleared, all lent money is collected, along with monitoring of different invoices so that he can make the payments in a planned manner.

●       Meetings:

Housing and property owners or tenants have many issues, myriad. Starting from property maintenance to queries to prospective buyers, the strata management company will do it for you. They will correspond with the concerned parties and ensure that you get a speedy resolution through meetings and amicable terms.

And speaking of meetings, the strata manager keeps the minutes of each minute so that if required, he can furnish them. From looking after your insurance claims to archiving records, the strata company man is an all-rounder.

●       Relations And Information Sharing:

Nowadays, people do not even know who their neighbor is. The strata management company will make sure that you get to communicate with other residents and bond with them. This is an intangible profit, sweet.

To keep the peace, he will meditate on housing rules, listen to disputes, and be the point man for social events and religious festivals in his fiefdom. If you bring him a property-related problem, he will take care of it legally and judiciously because he is trained.

Again, a Strata company will also arrange for AGM’s and executive committee meetings as well as general meetings.

●       Safety Compliance:

This is a big one. Strata company representatives will make it certain that the building you reside in is fully compliant with all the safety requirements.

This includes heating in the winters, the central air conditioner for summers, and other things like fire and wiring safety. When you take the services of a strata specialist, you have got it all covered.

●       Strata Roll:

There will be a strata roll that is in the safekeeping of the strata manager. It contains the full name of the owner or manager of the property, his address and telephone number, as well as tenant phone numbers, their full names, as well as their addresses and emails among other things. These details are required to serve notices and cannot be ignored.

Some Stellar Qualities Of A Strata Manager

  • Professionalism
  • Vast experience in the handling of affairs in both small and large housing schemes as well as individual properties.
  • Excellent skills in man-management
  • An innate ability to resolve complex issues, hear out both sides of the argument, and make the quarreling parties desist.
  • Can absorb flak and heat from local administration so that the core issue is addressed without you getting involved in it.
  • Strata managers believe that precaution is better than cure, hence, outstanding issues get resolved at the earliest and are not allowed to occur again.

At the end of the day, both figuratively and literally, you would want to kick off your shoes and settle down on the porch with a beer or a cup of tea.

Why would you worry now? Your dwelling is in the safe hands of a strata cleaning and management team that have ensured that you do not face any issues during the length of your present tenure.

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