Online Chatting Improve Your English

How Can Online Chatting Improve Your English?

Mastering the English language is a goal for many people around the world. It is no wonder that this is the case as English is used by people in many countries. It’s the language used in academia the world over. If you are planning to travel or if you are looking for an online course again it’s English that you are going to need to complete any study or travel. There are many ways to approach learning the language, and one of the ways is to practice it with other people who are learning or with native speakers. Chatting in English is an efficient way of becoming better at using the language over time, here is why.

1.  You Do Not Fear Mistakes

The fact that you are behind the screen and not talking face to face to someone helps decrease your anxiety levels. Fear of making mistakes hinders many people and stops them from learning. Remember how many times you wanted to participate in class but decided against it because you did not want anyone to make fun of your answers if they are wrong? You do not have to worry about this while chatting because you are dealing with a screen after all and that lessens your fears.

2.  You have the time to search

When you are in the middle of a conversation with someone and you are a beginner in that language, you are bound to stutter and find trouble making a full sentence. That does happen when you are chatting online because you know that you can always search and take your time before you write something. It is also proven that the things we search for ourselves stick to our minds better, so if you searched for a specific idiom or expression chances are you will remember that later in other conversations.

3.  You Can Become More Fluent

Chatting with someone you are comfortable talking to, and using the camera and mic will help you become fluent in no time at all. Many English learners know the language and its rules, but it’s when it comes to practicing that they find themselves lost for words. Talking to someone on will help you conquer your fears of talking out loud. You get to choose the person you want to talk to, which is not the case in real life. Once you find yourself able to talk fluently to one person you can then talk normally in any social situation because you know you have already done it before. Besides this way, you are sure no one is going to be making fun of you or your mistakes. On the contrary, you will receive the type of help that will push you towards improvement. You can also choose to stay anonymous, again the fact that you are not speaking face to face to someone who knows you remove the stress of the conversation.

4.  It Improves Your Spelling

Having to write things down and reading the replies helps you learn how to write correctly. No matter how many times you hear a word you will not always be able to guess its spelling, you are going to have to look it up. The English language has tons of words with letters that are either silent or are pronounced differently.

5.  Learning Becomes More Fun

People often postpone and procrastinate when it comes to learning a language because it reminds them of school. Many of us have had bad school experiences where we were asked to memorize huge passages or poems, or read endlessly for hours. However, learning does not have to be dull, and that is what you will discover while learning through chatting. You will be surprised how easy it is to know the right way of saying something or how sentences are structured without having to memorize many rules by heart or solve grammar exercises!

There was a time when there was only one way of learning and we all had to abide by its rules. Technology has changed everything for the better, now that we are all connected through the internet you can find tons of material on any subject matter. It is a shame if you can’t learn something you want to or get your dream job just because of the language barrier. If you start chatting in English now you increase your chances of getting better and therefore enjoy many opportunities that might have not been open to you otherwise. Texting is something many of us do on a daily basis. If you are going to chat, why not practice the language you want to learn as well?

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