Wholesale Printing

How can Wholesale Printing Benefit You?

The main advantage of wholesale printing is you get a high volume at a very affordable price. Aside from this the other advantages include the broad range of color, quantity, consistency, and ease with which you can order.

However, you must look for a suitable printer that deals with individual customers as well. This is because many vendors prefer working with resellers and business entities instead of individuals.

Let us take one benefit at a time and delve deeper into the same.

  1. Affordability

This is perhaps one of the most important of all benefits. If you want to take a printout of just one piece, it is quite likely that you might have to shell out at least USD$1. Interestingly, when you take out printouts in bulk, the cost per printout might go down to as low as USD$0.10 or even less.

And why is it so? This is because bulk orders attract lower prices but still make a profit from the orders. So, it can be said that the volume of printouts is inversely proportional. The more the volume, the lesser is the cost. It compensates for expenses incurred on marketing and materials required for advertising.

  1. Order volume will be consistent

For every business, a large number of printouts like flyers, brochures, business cards are required. As a business owner, if you order frequently, the number of orders might go up to quite a number. However, wholesale printing will allow you to have fewer bulk orders instead of having retail orders, in which case you save a lot of money as well.

  1. Consistency in color

If you are looking for a constant shade of color for your printout orders, it is quite likely that ordering few pieces might have differing shades. It might be darker or lighter.

However, if you order in bulk, you can be assured that the same shade of color will be used for all your wholesale printing orders. It offers uniformity and there will be no variation in color. Having a uniform order has many advantages, especially in the case of business cards.

  1. Manual versus ordering printing

You might have the latest printer in your office. But when it comes to taking out bulk printouts, you might find it difficult to handle the huge volume as it is not only time consuming but requires a number of essential things. You may not have a cartridge that can accommodate a large volume of ink, color, or black and white.

But if you place the order with any vendor or third party, it becomes a lot easier for you. All you have to do is call your printout vendor and place your order.

  1. A wide range of collections to choose from

With a wholesale printer, you have a wide range of designs, styles, and options to choose from. In other words, there is a lot of inventory that is not just limited to paper printing but you can also have your T-shirts, mugs, posters, and other items printed depending on the printing products and services that you deal with.

  1. Many graphic designers work in tandem with wholesale printing firms

Printing does not mean just paper printing it comprises a whole plethora of services. You will find that many graphic designers are working with printing firms. For such service providers, it is an added advantage. As a vendor, you will not only offer printing services but designing, ranging from websites to creating flyers and brochures can be done too.

Under such circumstances, the printing firm offers wholesale printing at even greater discounts if you avail of designing services as well.

During the pandemic, online printing services are available too. All you have to do is send across a sample or ask the printing firm to send a few samples to you so that you can select the right one and place the order.

The finished material is shipped to you and you transfer the cash virtually through a secured gateway.

Choosing the right wholesale printing company

The fact that many brick-and-mortar printing companies have minimized catering to physical clients due to the pandemic, many are offering discounts, various packages, and plans for online clients. Connect with them and find out what extra they are offering.

Compare the plans, prices, the number of pieces that they will offer you for a specified price, and then settle for the ones that you think will suffice for your business.

Print reselling

Print reselling is when a company works with an individual interested in selling printing products. This is different from wholesale printing in which orders are placed in bulk and the printing company works with businesses and not individuals.

Some of the printing products that the reseller will print include vinyl banners, posters, and feather banners at a heavily discounted rate.

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