How Detrimental Can Damaged Packaging Be For Your Business?

Thanks to advancements in technology, more consumers are shopping online. This is fantastic news for sellers who are looking to expand their online presence.

For the success of your business, it is critical that your packaging is on point. Good packaging is at the center of every successful business. When getting the product ready for transit to your consumer, ensure that the packaging is robust enough to withstand the rough journey. Consumers need their items in perfect condition.

Packaging for ECommerce

Unlike in-store purchases where the buyer carries their purchase safely home, items purchased online are at risk of damage. No matter how many times your item is dropped during transit, it should safely make it to the buyer’s doorstep. To meet your customers’ expectations, you’ve got to ensure that the packaging is robust enough to secure the product.

If you are yet to invest in eCommerce-ready packaging, the cost you may have to incur may be higher than you may realize. The direct cost of replacing the damaged item is much lower compared to that of your reputation

How Costly is Product Damage?

Imagine how you would feel if you placed an order online. You wait for your order for some days, only for it to arrive damaged. You’d be disappointed beyond words. The situation is even worse if the item was for a specific occasion such as a birthday, where you needed it within a certain period.

You’d probably return the item(s) and would never repurchase the brand. You’d maybe even warn anyone who wants to purchase from the same brand against it, quoting your experience. The brand’s image will suffer, leading to reduced sales in the future.

Reputational cost

A company’s financial performance reputation is directly linked to its reputation. Whenever consumers purchase online, they have high expectations as they await delivery. Lack of dependability is something many buyers will not tolerate. Many buyers will not purchase again if they receive a damaged or defective package.

Environmental costs

It is not always about the money. Environmental costs associated with damaged packaging are something responsible businesses must take into consideration. Replacing a damaged item incurs the highest environmental cost because of the carelessly discarded damaged products, duplicated manufacturing process, among other things.

Also, there is too much material used on the packaging, which could create additional environmental problems. This could also make the packaging significantly larger. Many shoppers prefer small packages, and oversized packages could be bad for a brand’s reputation.

Ensure Your Packaging is Secure

While delivering damaged packaging to your customers could be higher than most businesses anticipate, finding a remedy may not be all that difficult. Replacing the damaged item could be expensive for the retailer. However, if you realize the packaging is poor or damaged, some minor adjustments might solve the problem, helping you avoid more significant long-term costs.

Make sure that your packaging is eCommerce ready. This will help keep your business afloat as it increases buyers’ trust in you. Get in touch with packaging experts for eCommerce-ready packaging.

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