How Do RTB Platforms Work and How to Choose One

In the conventional method of advertising, publishers and advertisers had to negotiate and present an offer. RTB platforms gave a better opportunity to publishers and advertisers to get a fair value of their inventory based on the relevance of the visitors.

Earlier, publishers were not getting fill rates, and they had to leave a significant value of their inventory unsold. Similarly, advertisers were not generating good ROI on their marketing budgets. RTB platforms brought a revolutionary change in the world of advertising.

What Is Real-Time Bidding (RTB)?

Real-time bidding refers to buying and selling advertisements in real-time on a per visitor’s basis in an instant auction. The auction is usually conducted on a real-time bidding platform or an ad exchange.

How Does the Real-Time Bidding (RTB) Platform Work?

Multiple advertisers bid together at a real-time bidding platform on a single impression of a publisher’s inventory at any given time. The winning advert with the highest bid is presented to the user. With the help of RTB, advertisers can modify or change their targeting and focus on the inventory most relevant to them, resulting in better ROI for the advertisers.

Also, advertisers can adjust their campaign budgets in real-time to optimize their campaign performance. For instance, if a player is playing a game on the mobile and an ad crops up between them, they start watching it. The real-time bidding platform can run an auction for all advertisers interested in showing an ad to that player.

Advertisers have to make their bid instantly, or the bidder with the highest bid is chosen. The winning ad is shown to the player.

Advertisers and publishers can both set the bid for an RTB, and they can mutually decide the minimum prices and maximum bids.

There are several types of RTB platforms, such as,

  • Publishing side (supply-side platform)
  • For the advertising side (demand-side platform)
  • Marketplaces (ad exchanges)
  • Data storage (data management platforms)
  • Intermediaries (agency trading desks, ad networks, etc.)

How to Choose the Best RTB Platform

Selecting the right platform is entirely subjective, and there is no one-size fit strategy. However, publishers can consider the following things before choosing the best platforms for them:

Presence of Monetization Solution

Select a platform that aligns with your monetization needs. For instance, if a publisher is seeking a platform that provides solutions for outdoor video streaming, then go for those options that offer it.

Technical Support

Ad monetization is a challenging and complex task. At the time, it may become technically complicated and require support from time to time. Search on Google to read the reviews and select a platform that offers robust technical support for seamless ad serving.

Ad Quality

Another element is that the platform you choose should have technological solutions, offer premium demand, contain trusted reviews, and prove worthy of investments. The platform should ensure that you optimize your price floors so that you get the highest bids.

Publishers are looking to invest in RTB platforms that make online advertising seamless for them. As long as programmatic advertising exists and expands, you should select the best platform that gives you the best ROI. Getting the best platform is a crucial part of your revenue optimization strategy.

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