Studio45 - SEO Company in India
Studio45 - SEO Company in India

How does an SEO Company translate a website into different languages?

Do you want your website to be accessed by different people with different native languages? Any SEO company in India would help you to do it by using some pro-language translation steps.

Read those steps right below.

URLs (slugs) Translation

Many people overlook URLs while translating their websites. For say, if you want the ‘shop’ page of your website to be translated, the current URL might be in If you want it to be translated into German, the URL must be geschaft when someone from Germany accesses the page.

The quickest way to do it to modify the ‘slug’ for the individual page of your website. Slug is used to identifying the page that comes after the main domain name.

Hreflang Tags

These tags are code snippets that define search engine the language you are using on a single page.

Hreflang tags are crucial for websites that have manifold languages, as they support Google and other search engines to differentiate between each version of the content.

For example,


This tag is for the English language.

You can easily add these tags to your pages, and you can find abundant ways to do that. Besides, it can be time-consuming to edit the tag in the code for the individual page of the website, especially when you have to translate it into different languages.

You can use tools and plugins available out there. These plugins add hreflang to your website’s code automatically. One less task in your SEO handling.

Metadata Translation

Every page has its meta tag. Visitors don’t see these tags because these are for search engines only. Metadata is one of them. The metadata acquires everything: meta description and image alt text.

You can derive more traffic to your website by translating metadata for different language users. Without metadata, you can’t rank your website or page for a language other than English. If you want massive traffic on your website from all over the globe, translate metadata.

Keyword Usage Review

Using keywords properly is the greatest trick. Regardless of what language you are using, the keyword must be used precisely. Don’t force keywords in the content or overuse them. If English is not your first language, you can translate the content in your native language and now add keywords in that language in a way that makes meaning to you and your customers.

You have to be mindful while using the keyword in different languages. If your mind is perplexed about where to get started, you can go with the most popular English keywords of your website that will derive traffic to your other and new pages or content. You can also use some free tools such as Free Domain SEO Metrics to identify those keywords.

Not only website, but you can also get your content and posts translated on social media platforms.

Al you need to do is find the leading SEO company.

They will handle everything for you.

So hire one right now.

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