Google Digital Garage Exam

How to Pass and Prepare for the Google Digital Garage Exam

In today’s time, technology and the Internet have become a need for us, these things keep us connected to the world and make it possible to have everything at our fingertips. The most popular way we all connect is through social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. In a generation where people are stuck in one place, the internet is bliss. Not only it connects you with the world but it also helps you grow your business and stay financially stable.

We all know that in today’s time it is a must to have your business on online platforms if you want it to grow. But using an online platform to develop your business requires digital marketing. And so in order to start digital marketing one needs some specific skills to make everything work accordingly. Many online platforms will teach you digital marketing skills but what if there’s a course that will teach you the online marketing skills as well as provide a certificate. Then you know the best.

Google Digital Garage?

Google – a multinational technology company also the most popular search engine has developed a course that helps you learn all the skills required for digital marketing and turn you into a digital marketer. The course that google provides is in the Google Digital Garage.

The Google Digital Garage is an online learning program that teaches for free, conducts the exam, and then provides the certificate. The certificates are endorsed by Google and the professional digital marketing association called IAB Europe. It is one of the beneficial courses that an individual must start if they are looking forward to promoting their business online.

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So the online course that the Google Digital Garage provides, with a certificate, is The fundamentals of Digital Marketing. It has a total of 26 modules. Once you register yourself for this course, time to start learning, taking notes, and then preparing for exams.

How to prepare for and pass the exam?

It is not that tough!

  • First of all, there’s no time limit to complete the course. You can learn at your own pace which is a plus point. You have a lot of time to prepare before the exam.
  • Plan your schedule before you start the course. So that you can give your efforts and achieve your goal.
  • After every module, there is a multiple-choice question test. Don’t worry, the question comes from the video that you watched. So all you have to do is watch the video when there is no disturbance and complete silence. This way can have 100% focus and that will make it easier for you to answer the questions and pass the test.
  • You can do the same process for every module.
  • Paying attention is the key. So make sure to take notes and completely focus on the video.
  • Small details make a big difference. The final exam appears towards the end of the course. And if you have genuinely paid attention to the videos provided then the final is not difficult.
  • Don’t stress yourself. You have already studied all the modules!
  • Don’t worry, take your time. Even if you fail, you can again try.

Did you know – Google is said to have 90% of the worldwide market share. And if such a company is providing an online course, that too for free, then why lose the opportunity to learn and develop. There are many other courses available in the google digital garage that you can explore, keeping your goals in the mind. The courses are flexible and so you can start then whenever you want. There are courses like learning how to promote your product, how to reach the right audience, how to self-promote, etc

When you learn with all your will and dedication then there shouldn’t be the fear of an exam. Remember, this course is for you to acquire new skills, enhance your working and marketing knowledge, and is a step towards your success. Enjoy the process while you learn. It is one of the best experiences while learning something new.
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