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How long does it take for me to get an E2 Visa?

All of us are busy with some things. And even though we have a more important thing to prioritize, sometimes there are yet a number of factors that grow in the way of its success. This is the mere reason why comprehending the timeframe to get things done is essential.

The writing of this feature is to serve as an E2 Visa Guide on how long the method needs. For those who are busy, and we know that those E2 visa applicants are, this is a good guide for fixing your schedules.

E2 Visa: An Overview

This type of overseas permit is issued to those non-immigrant investors or entrepreneurs. Also, if you bear this visa, you will be able to invest an ample sum of money in a United States of America trade. Plus, you can also reside in the country for the event allotted for your permit.

To acquire this type of visa, you need to be a national of a land that has a bond with the United States of America. The land you are national with will determine how long will your E2 visa last.

Essentials to get an E2 Visa

Here, we will unravel all the requirements needed to pass this visa application.

A national from a country with a treaty agreement with the United States of America

You can search on the web the nations that have alliance agreements with the United States of America. You must be a legitimate citizen of that particular country to pass.

You must also have an “intent to depart.”

This proves that you will leave the United States of America the moment your visa expires.

A substantial amount of investment in a US business

Though there is no minimum amount stated or mandated, it is best if you are going to invest $100,000 for faster processing time.

The money involved should be from lawful activities.

Of course, who would accept those investments that are illegal? It is best to have something small but legal than something big but unlawful. In this sense, you must provide your financial statements and other documents that will prove the legality of your source of income.

US business must be active and profitable.

This is very important. Of course, they will check if the business in the US is up and running. Suppose it shows that the company is nearly failing or close to bankruptcy; there is a high chance that your visa will get disapproved.

The US business must support the applicant and the family’s minimal living in the US.

If the US business cannot support the applicant’s life in the US, the applicant will undoubtedly face a financial problem in the US. Thus, it will just add to the non-employed group in the US.

The funds invested should be at use or risk.

Some investors invest their money as a backup resource in case financial problems arise in the business. Here, your invested funds should be revolving already to support the business. For example, it should be used as a wage for the business employees.

It would be best if you came to the US.

Of course, since you have applied for the visa, you must personally operate the business that you have invested in. Without you on the premises, it is just useless to file for the permit, to begin with.

Timeframe for the E2 Visa

Once you have completed all of these requirements, they will review your visa application thoroughly. It will run from two weeks as the shortest time to about five to six months as the farthest date. Your immigration lawyer can help you a lot in accomplishing all the needed documents to ensure that you can get your visa in no time.

Submission of the documents – 6 – 8 weeks depending on your papers submitted. They may ask for additional documents, too, that may further elongate the process.

Interview – this happens one week after your documents pass the review process.

Get the visa –  after a week, you will get your visa if the pass is successful! If no delays happen, you can get it in 3 months.

For a change of standing;

Normal processing time – Two -Three months

Premium processing time – 15 days


Knowing the actual length of time that you will use to finish your request is necessary. This is to save up a lot of participation for more important things. You can achieve this if you get guidance from professionals. Yes, it will possess fees and whatnots, but those are just minor if you save a lot of time.

Which in the event those time that elongates the process also bears monetary expenses. We are hoping that this guide helps you in setting your schedules.

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