How Many Amazon Competitors is Too Many?

How Many Amazon Competitors is Too Many?

If you are selling something unique, it would not take much time to have competitors with similar products with either better or bitter quality. Once they have a similar product, the quality does not matter. But the price does vary from high to low.

Some people only see the price and the rest of the review section is left unseen while they were having negative comments for bad quality over there. But some buyers are rational, they check the quality, review, and spend money on the product carefully, either higher or lower. But, they rectify the product carefully.

Done discussing the buyer’s behavior, now, how many amazon competitors is too many? Sometimes you find such a piece (product) that gives a good return on investment but, what? Are many sellers already having it? Its competitor ships.

Now you have to sell your product before them by using different strategies. It can be either an advertising technique of sponsored display ads by or any other marketing tactic to sell your product before another competitor.

Now it is time to know how many are too many competitors for amazon sellers, are they just sellers with no strategy whom you think can easily jump over? Or are they in a huge community? It is a common query from the seller’s side, that how many amazon competitors are too much, sometimes they ask such questions to fuel themselves up, or sometimes people back off knowing the list behind them.

In this article, sellers will be answered clearly and even will be able to get knowledge about having competitors to fuel themselves. And tactics to decrease the competitors if they are being problematic to your business and you have been gaining loss because of them.

Stock Number

Check your stock number, in which boundary do you lie? either you are a brand with 1 to 4 products in stock or you are a brand with 100 or 200 of the stock number. Go check for competitors with this number too. If you belong to the first category then the second category has no competitor for you.

It is about how fast you sell your product competing with the competitor. Either you are a fast seller or them. Once they sell their product faster than you, it must be their PPC campaign behind it or they have showcased their products to the point. PPC campaign is a pay-per-click campaign and Olifant Digital is the PPC agency roaming freely within the amazon platform.

Keep track of other competitor’s stock and try to figure out their selling speed and their strategies. If they are selling at a low price, maybe they have better quality than yours? Maybe they have good and a heavy amount of reviews in that section or any other reason might be possible if they are selling faster than you.


Check out the pricing of the product. Keepa is software automating so much more of your burden and keeping you out of it. Take the help of Keepa and figure out the competitors with similar or either near product price of yours. If 10% is selling the product for 20$ and the other 6% is selling the product for 55$ then, this 6% are no match for our competitor ship. They are selling their product on the higher side.

The most initial thing is that you do not consider FBM sellers as your competitor, they are living in a different world. FBM sellers are the sellers of Amazon, who sell their products and fulfill their orders by themselves, only using the Amazon platform.

Talking about the comparison between FBA and FBM sellers, people mostly tend to buy from the FBA sellers as they have a good and reliable package for exchange and return and the 2 days free shipping is the plus point for them.

Rank and Sale History

Do not just keep track of the daily ranking of the product sell, but also the average rank of the product sold. Tracking the history and you will know where you are standing. Keepa is also providing service in this aspect of work at Amazon too.

Keepa is a bit hard to use, just go through some tutorials and you are ready to serve. It is a proper site to help you to keep track of the motion of every graphic work. These graphs are easy to read and are better than manual tracking. Keep the history recorded via Keepa and stay connected to the record of what you have been doing previously.

Rank and Sale History

Just keep a manual track of stock numbers cause, sometimes the number game from Keepa deceives you. Keep the other tracks like history and other pricing charts and let Keepa manage it. Once you apply any of these three or all the above-mentioned aspects your sales are going to increase so the number of competitors you will get to know.

Not Everyone Is Your Competitor

The number of competitors does not vary from brand to brand but from similar products. It does not mean that you consider the seller of some brands, the competitor to your brand but the product.

Brands are not the ones competing, but the product with a similar price range and a similar number of items in stock do. Sometimes it happens, you are selling pet litter and pet food widely and the other brand is also selling these products with the addition of some pet accessories too. That does not mean you consider the whole brand as your competitor because they are also selling litter and food widely.

Take Away

You are only competing with some sellers when they have a similar stock number to yours, you have to keep track of their selling speed and try to manage your product with similar strategies as them if they are selling faster than you.

If they have a higher price than you, they are not your competitors. If they are FBM sellers they are no one to compete with. Keep your competitor’s list on track and keep them shortlisting on the above-announced basis. This will help you track how many amazon competitors are too many.

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