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Three Methods to Drive Traffic Through Instagram

You can’t deny the terrific role of Instagram for sharing inspirational content and driving traffic. Businesses are driving a flux of new visitors through the app, which has tremendously helped boost clicks. It’s right time you market your brand and use your Instagram audience to maximize the reach on your business website, affiliate pages or blog. 

In this blog post, we have shared three tried and tested methods you can use to drive traffic from Instagram. 

Three methods to use to drive traffic from Instagram

There are over 25 million brand accounts on Instagram because they know it is a fantastic platform that will play a vital role in expanding its audience and spreading its message. But, contrary to this, if you feel you don’t have enough audience that you can use to drive to other platforms or business websites, you can purchase Instagram followers from a trustable growth agency committed to providing you with best-in-class services. 

#1: Add a Link in Bio 

Link in bio is arguably the main and the most straightforward way to drive traffic to Instagram. To use the feature, you don’t need to have hundreds or thousands of followers. Everyone can do it. Link in bio tool is another way to share multiple links from the landing page. In this way, you drive traffic to your website, landing pages, product pages or affiliate links! 

#2: Instagram stories 

Instagram stories are another excellent way to drive traffic from Instagram. Stories allow you to connect with followers personally, and they’d likely click the link you share. 

How to add a link to your stories? 

You can add a swipe-up link if you have 10,000 or more followers. Instagram also to roll out a unique feature where accounts under 10k followers can also access the link sticker. 

However, if you have more than 10k followers, add a call to action, texts, Gifs to compel users to click on the link. 

Note: If the followers are growing but have less than 10k, you can encourage users through your stories to click the link in your bio. 

#3: IGTV video Description

You can’t put links on your posts and reels but can do in your IGTV video description, making it exceptionally easy for viewers to click through to your company’s link. Then, create an engaging series where you can persuade users to click on the link. The process is simple; however, you need to be creative and be aware of how you can market the business correctly! Remember, hard-selling does not work; you need to think out of the box to develop ideas that can help your business site get more clicks from Instagram. 


With a few tactics, you can generate massive traffic to your business website. Apart from adding a link to your bio and placing a call to action image, you can share a link via Instagram stories or IGTV video descriptions. In addition, consider taking advantage of Instagram ads or leverage influencers’ reach to build brand awareness and extend the reach to many folds. 


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