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Want to Protect the Students of Kennewick? Reject R-90

When schools, colleges, universities, offices, and businesses were shutting down due to Covid19 lockdown in March, the legislature passed Senate bill R-90 and required school districts to adopt comprehensive sexual education programs to aware children of the sensitive issues.

Mandatory comprehensive sex education bill:

Olympia- the capital of Washington State was not ready to consider this ‘mandatory comprehensive sex education bill’ as according to people, it’s more dangerous than Covid for our children.

After that, thousands of teachers, parents, and other educators expressed their concerns over the bill and suggested that this shouldn’t be a part of the curriculum. But unluckily, all the state legislators did not pay heed to their concerns and immediately passed that R-90 bill to incorporate age-appropriate sexual education programs in schools.

How can we undo the damage?

Some outraged and fierce citizens of society collaborated and worked behind the scenes. They worked hard for the issue and collected as many signatures as they could so they can take a vote of all the people of Washington.

Now what we can do? We can unite as a community and undo this damage done by legislatures in Olympia. But how can we do it?

By rejecting R-90 and protecting our students from dangerous sexual education. We can elect members in Kennewick council city who can support the society from this damage by giving voice to parents and educators.

They can even fight with current legislatures who want sex education to be taught in local schools of Washington.

What would happen if referendum-90 gets approved?

However, the situation is, if voters favor this Referendum 90, then sex education will become obvious for every school and student, which may start from kindergarten and proceed to 12th grade.

Valuable time would be compromised on sexual education instead of teaching subjects like Science, Math, reading & writing.

On the other side, the people who are in favor of Referendum 90 stated that all the materials and curriculum are according to the age of children, and they will learn a lot of new things for their future.

Role of elected members, parents, and educators:

However, parents and local schools are not ready to make any decision yet. Instead, some qualified unelected member groups will tell people and the school board about the age-appropriate materials to be included in the program.

According to the people who don’t want sex-ed in Kennewick, the sexual education programs will promote some unnecessary, unethical, and immoral sexualization of children, which is why their mental health will greatly affect them. This is a big reason to reject R-90 and protect the future of children.

But supporters of R-90 believe that parents will not be required to teach their children about sex education as the role will be performed by the educators more efficiently.

But most parents are not happy with the statement. They want their children to teach themselves according to their own preferred methods.

So, the Kennewick City Council elected members and other people who are against the issue are focused to reject R-90 and tell legislators that elected members, parents, and local schools are capable enough to make their decisions.

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