All You Need to Know About Car Services

It is an amazing feeling to get your first car, to zoom through roads and drive at your own speed. But with owning a car comes responsibility. Your car requires a maintenance check-up at least once every year. Depending on the car manufacturer and your cars specifics, you may need more than one type of car service.

Car Services may include replacing deteriorating parts, getting inspections, replacing fluids or cleaning up key components of your car. There is a checklist most car service companies have that allow for both car owners and car mechanics to ensure the basics of your car service are covered in order to give you a smooth drive.

Here are the different kinds of car services your car may need:

Interim Car Service

This type of car service is the basic kind—for high mileage drivers. It includes an oil change, an oil filter change and an inspection of the car—including tires, headlights, and screen wipers. Lubrication of moving parts and the engine is also a key component of the interim car service. Brakes and other fluids are also examined for any leaks or strains.

Full Car Service

A full car service is usually recommended for every 12 months or twelve thousand miles. This type of car service for those who have lower annual mileages and need their car serviced once a year. A full car service includes a wide range of checks that are more extensive than interim car services. They require:

  • An air filter change
  • An oil filter change
  • A fuel filter change/or spark plug change
  • A thorough brake inspection
  • Tire and shock absorber inspection
  • Battery and starter motor inspection/change
  • Radiator and coolant refill and inspection
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Major Car Service

A major car service usually occurs every two year. This service is the most comprehensive and usually involves replacement of parts. Although most of the inspections are inclusive of both interim and full care services, a major car service can also change the exterior look of a car if needed or desired.

It’s absolutely necessary to get your car inspected at least once a year. Like any operating machine, cars also need their parts inspected and replaced for a better operation. Through car services, you’ll also be able to get better value for your car, if you do choose to sell it in the future. Are you facing some major car issue, and need to go for your business meeting, or any other occasion, just simply visit Eddie Limo for luxury cars transportation services.

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