Kids indoor play ideas

10 Kids indoor play ideas

You know the drill – it’s another soggy, rainy day. You’ve already watched Peppa Pig and The Lion King for the umpteenth time, and you’re tearing your hair out wondering how to keep the kids occupied for the day.

If your kids need to run off some energy, we’ve got 10 great ideas for fun indoor play.

  1. Build a den

The number one favorite in our house is to build a massive blanket den with Fun Square folding cylinder! All you need is some blankets and chairs or any other furniture that can be used to prop up the blankets.

Make it as big as you can, then let them use their imaginations to bring it to life with cushions, pillows, toys and books. They could even have a picnic in there!

  1. Indoor fort

This classic activity will entertain for hours. You just need a few sheets, blankets and/or chairs to build a cozy space for kids of all ages.

  1. Sensory play

For babies and toddlers, sensory play is a great way to get them involved in indoor activities. You can make your own sensory bins with toys, sand or rice scented with essential oils or food coloring. You can also make a simple play dough recipe at home or use store-bought dough if you prefer.

  1. Board games

Board games are great for kids of all ages and can be used to reinforce math skills, good sportsmanship and taking turns. If you have older children who may not want to play traditional board games, try some card games like Uno or Crazy Eights that they may enjoy more.

  1. Hide-and-seek

This classic game can be played by children of all ages. You can even encourage older siblings to play with younger ones by assigning them a role as a “helper” — one who knows where the younger child is hiding and can point them out when appropriate.

  1. Bean bag toss

Making bean bags is a fun activity in its own right, and then you have the added benefit of being able to use them in a game! All you need are some small bags that you can fill with beans or rice, and some simple targets drawn on paper (or cut out from cardboard). Have your child stand back a set distance from the targets and try to hit them with the bean bags. Make it harder by moving further away, or easier by moving closer. Or make it more challenging by having your child toss the bean bags behind their back, or with their eyes closed!

  1. Grocery store scavenger hunt

This fun activity will get your child up and moving while also reinforcing reading skills and money management. Have your child find an item that starts with each letter of the alphabet (or any other letter combination).

  1. Get Crafty

If you have some paper, crayons and markers, you can keep the kids busy for quite a while. You can also let them cut out their drawings or use stickers for fun projects. If you want to get even more creative with your kid’s crafts, try this salt dough recipe that lets kids create their own DIY Christmas ornaments!

  1. Indoor Treasure Hunt

Kids are naturally curious so they will love getting to explore every nook and cranny of your home looking for hidden treasure! You can hide anything from candy to toys in various places around the house and let them go on a hunt to find all of the hidden items.

  1. Have an Indoor Picnic (or Tea Party)

Nothing makes a rainy day more fun than having a picnic or tea party indoors! Lay down some blankets on the floor with some pillows, plate up some finger foods, and enjoy chatting with your kids as you feast together.

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