building blocks for toddlers

A comprehensive guide into choosing the best building blocks for toddlers

Have you ever wondered where to start building blocks for toddlers? Are you flummoxed by all your options? Did you know there were so many different sets? Building blocks are a classic toy that can spark creativity and even help with brain development in young children. Blocks teach kids how to balance, build, and think spatially (which helps them later on when it comes to math). But with so many options available, it’s hard to know which ones are the best for your child.

Let us assist you her in finding the best building blocks for toddlers.

Tips for choosing building blocks for toddlers

Consider your child’s age.

Check the recommended ages on any block sets you plan to buy. While some sets have only a 2 or 3-year age range, others can be used from birth through elementary school. Open-ended toys like these are a great investment because they grow with your child, but if you’re shopping for a newborn or infant, you don’t want them to outgrow them too quickly.

Go for durable toys

The best toddler building blocks should be safe, durable, varied, and open-ended. They should promote active play and help kids develop their fine motor skills. Lego Duplo blocks are our first pick because they check off all the boxes for toddlers and meet high standards for safety and quality.

Choose the right size

Look for toys that allow your child to experiment and explore with different textures, shapes and sizes. Smaller blocks are better suited to younger toddlers who have yet to develop their fine motor skills. As your child grows and becomes more adept at grasping objects, you can move on to larger blocks. You can also purchase sets that come with progressively sized blocks and adapt them according to your child’s age and ability level.

Children learn through play, so encourage them to build and create with any building block set they use.

Consider buying a gift set of building blocks which includes a variety of shapes and sizes. This can be an excellent way to help develop hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills.

Try not to give your child too many options at once because they can get overwhelmed if there are too many choices available at one time.

Blocks are an essential toy for every toddler to learn balance, counting and hand/eye coordination. The introduction of colorful blocks will help your child develop the imagination and creativity they need to unlock their potential. Start with small sets of different colored blocks and watch as your toddler begins to create a masterpiece!

Use these tips when choosing building blocks for toddlers so you can buy a few sets and spend more time playing with your child than reading about what makes the perfect set of building blocks for toddlers. The benefit is that you will be confident of the fact that your child is indulging in quality playtime and you will not have any regrets at the end of the day.

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