Types of Oxygen Masks

Your Guide to All Types of Oxygen Masks: Which is Best for You?

Many people use oxygen masks for various reasons. Some use them for health issues, and others to get more exercise efficiency. In 2019, the global oxygen therapy market reached over $9,000,000!

You may not know a lot about how these masks work. There are different types of oxygen masks you can get. Keep on reading to find out where to get oxygen masks and which one is best for you.

What Is Oxygen Therapy?

Oxygen therapy is a medical way of getting supplemental oxygen. Many people have health problems that require more oxygen than they usually get. When you get oxygen therapy, you get a treatment that gives you extra oxygen.

Oxygen therapy can consist of different types, such as liquid or gas oxygen. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy gets used less today and is for more severe needs. People who get that kind of oxygen therapy breathe in pure oxygen in a pressurized room to get the most benefit.

You can get different delivery systems for oxygen as well. It depends on what you use the oxygen for and how much you need.

Types of Oxygen Masks

The non-rebreather mask helps people who need a steady and heavy supply of oxygen. You get a soft mask with a secure seal to make sure the oxygen goes into your body and not the room. You also get a curved nose seal to eliminate oxygen irritating your eyes.

Partial rebreather oxygen masks get used by people who need a heavy dose of oxygen. They rebreathe some of the air they exhale. These get used by people who don’t need help breathing.

You can get oxygen masks designed for exercise. With these oxygen masks, healthy people get more use in less time. The system regulates the amount of oxygen you get while sending it to the areas your body needs the most.

People use nebulizer masks when they need medication fast and have trouble breathing. That turns the medicine into a fine spray of mist that’s easy to inhale.

Nasal cannulas get prescribed to many people who need oxygen masks. They deliver low levels of oxygen and are some of the most simple oxygen delivery systems.

Where to Get Oxygen Masks

You can get oxygen masks almost anywhere now. They sometimes sell them at local drugstores, and you can get them online.

Many doctors prescribe oxygen delivery systems that you get from home health companies. Remember that oxygen mask costs can vary depending on what you need.

Some oxygen masks can cost as little as $5, and some go up to around $200. That doesn’t include the actual oxygen or tank. If you use an oxygen concentrator, you’ll have to get that, too.

The Best Oxygen Mask for You

There are many types of oxygen masks out there, so choosing the right one can seem overwhelming. The best one for you will depend on your lifestyle and how much oxygen you need.

Oxygen delivery systems should make life more enjoyable for you and help you do the things you love. With this guide, you can get the mask that gives you the most freedom and comfort. Make sure you read our other articles for more lifestyle tips like these!

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