How Marketing Activity Is Done In The Market Economy

The term “marketing” can mean different things to different people. For this article, we will assume that marketing involves interactions between buyers and sellers in a marketplace. A marketplace consists of individuals who interact with each other to buy and sell products or services. In a marketplace, buyers and sellers are known as consumers and businesses respectively.

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is the act of bringing together buyers and sellers to sell their products and services. The term “marketing” can also refer to the process by which products and services are offered. A marketing system is anything that enables many buyers and sellers to come together and collectively make purchases: from supermarkets to social media marketing and online classifieds. Marketing is crucial to every business, big or small, but it can be particularly important for a small business. For some businesses, marketing is even the single most important component of operating a business. Even though some marketing strategies are as simple as using YouTubeStorm to increase brand awareness, it is nonetheless crucial to their success.

From The Perspective Of Small Business Owners

For any small business, marketing means creating and managing a system to promote the business. For many businesses, this system includes websites, social media pages, blogs, and articles. These systems are used to attract new customers and to keep existing customers aware of the products and services available. Some small businesses use multiple systems to carry out their marketing system. Other businesses use only one or two systems to serve their purposes.

Marketing Systems

To begin developing an ideal client, a marketing system first needs to be developed. A marketing system for any business should have the following core elements: identify target customers; maintain close relationships with these customers; provide product or service improvements; and reward good performance. To understand the ideal client, a marketing system should first determine what kind of person would likely be interested in purchasing a business. By knowing who the market is, developing a marketing plan based on these characteristics of the market can be much more effective.

Analysis Of The Market

For any business to understand their market, they need to determine if the market is composed of people that will purchase if offered a variety of products or services. If the market is composed primarily of people who already need your product or service, your marketing system will be more likely to be successful. To reach this market, you may need to develop a referral program. This referral program is typically established through an online forum, blogs, or an offline organization. The lead magnet should be attached to each action plan so that when a potential customer is brought to the company, an offer is made based on the lead magnet.

Marketing Information Systems

Every successful marketing information system begins with the manager, but some small businesses prefer to outsource their system to a third party. When outsourcing, the marketing information system should remain consistent between the company and the outside service provider. A small business should always be sure to test the return on their marketing information system by sending customers to a website that is not part of the company’s marketing information system. Also, a small business should make sure that any outside service provider that they use has a proven track record. The primary goal of this marketing information system is to attract customers, and by using the wrong websites or links, a business owner could be missing out on attracting new clients.

The best marketing systems in the market economy are those that adapt well to changes in consumer spending habits. For example, if a new marketing strategy requires that a company update their website, they will want to test the new system by sending traffic to the old website to see if changes in behavior lead to increased sales. In the short term, it may seem like spending money on an expensive new marketing strategy is a waste of resources, but in the long term, the investment could be a wise one. If it does not work out, the company will still have the resources they need to continue to improve their system.


Finally, all successful marketing systems in the market economy function within a framework that allows flexibility. A system needs to grow as the company grows. A good system should allow the owner to change certain aspects of the system, without having to completely re-engineer the entire system. A company needs to be flexible when it comes to its marketing system, or they risk falling behind other companies that may be faster to adapt to new systems and strategies.


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