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Step lifts are a superb access solution that serves to improve options for movement between two levels. They are platform lifts that are often installed alongside steps – hence the name – and are usually employed to transport individuals with limited mobility a short distance up or down.

With more and more thought and care being invested in matters of accessibility and disability awareness in current times, the addition of a step lift in the design of any domestic property or business is a great way to improve wheelchair access and offer equal opportunities.

So, if you’re planning to install a step left, how much should you be budgeting for? In this article, the team at Level Access Lifts – specialists in the supply of domestic and commercial platform lifts since 2002 – provide a little guidance.

How Much Do Step Lifts Cost?

Every project and every product is different, so it’s hard to put a price on a particular step lift until we better understand its required dimensions 

In order to more clearly understand the costs involved and the timescales required to complete all work, we’ll discuss your requirements with you in detail before providing a bespoke quote.

At Level Access Lists, our prices always include much more than the value of the lift itself. 

Which Aspects Influence the Cost of a Step Lift?

Overall, there are numerous criteria that may make a new step lift more or less expensive. These include:


  • The height (or distance) of the lift
  • The lift entrances (or number of doors)
  • Glazing requirements
  • Power requirements
  • Style
  • Size of pit 
  • Structural
  • Electrical complexity
  • Installation arrangements
  • Ownership arrangements


Are There Finance Options?

It is absolutely possible to arrange comfortable finance options with the team at Level Access Lifts that allow you to spread the cost of your new step lift by paying in affordable monthly instalments.

The leases we provide are flexible, allowing you to upgrade older lifts at little or no change to the amount you already pay.

By choosing finance, you will also be able to select the precise equipment to meet your requirements, add a fully comprehensive warranty and maintenance package as well as building and electrical work. You’ll also be able to budget more easily.

The amount Do Step Lifts Cost?

Each task and each item is unique, so it’s difficult to put a cost on a specific advance lift until we better comprehend its necessary measurements

To all the more plainly comprehend the expenses in question and the timescales needed to finish all work, we’ll talk about your prerequisites with you exhaustively prior to giving a bespoke statement.

At Level Access Lists, our costs consistently incorporate considerably more than the worth of the actual lift.

“What amount does a step lift cost?”

We get numerous calls from clients asking,  While we endeavor to be just about as straightforward as could really be expected, actually there is no basic response to this inquiry. That is on the grounds that a step lift is a profoundly specialized piece of hardware, and there is nobody size-fits-all arrangement.

To begin, think about your flight of stairs. Will you require the step lift seat to go in a basic, straight line or does it have to adjust bearing or twist around a corner? On the off chance that you understand what sort of step lift you need (for example straight, bent, open-air), utilize the catches beneath to see an expense breakdown for that specific class. Or on the other hand in the event that you don’t know, if it’s not too much trouble, keep perusing.


To receive a competitive quote from our specialists today, simply fill in our handy online contact form with as much detail as you can. 

We’ll happily arrange a consultation with you at a convenient time. During this consultation, we will discuss your requirements and provide you with an estimated quote based on what you’ve told us.

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