How Often Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts?

Air ducts in your home or office work as passageways for transporting cool or hot air in your indoors. Like any HVAC system, air ducts need routine maintenance for ensuring maximum effectiveness. As a generic rule of thumb, experts suggest that your air duct should be cleaned in every 3 to 5 years. With particular methods used, this period can also be stretched up to 6 to 8 years. However, the infestation of mold and other pests which give rise to allergic reactions might be an alarm for immediate duct cleaning in your home.

Why is air duct cleaning a prime necessity?

The experts in this field claim that indoor air is 2-5 times more impure than the outdoor air. Hence, if the air which flows through air duct gets dirty, then it might be harmful for the health and well-being of yourself and that of your family. Plus, routine ductwork cleaning through a licensed HVAC air duct cleaning company can be advantageous and might be needed in such case of mould or pest infestation.

Here are some scenarios where you need to clean your air ducts immediately.

· If you change your residence

An air duct cleaning session should be done if you have moved in a new residence. In case your previous home resident was a pet owner or a smoker, then you need to make sure that you clean the air duct thoroughly to get rid of the debris which might have accumulated in the ducts.

· If there is visible mould or foul smell

Mould tends to foster in damp and humid places which are tough to reach. Such places are air ducts. So, if you see physical mold, or smell it in the air, or are sensing some symptoms like coughing or itchiness, then you need to get a duct cleaning session from a reliable service provider who can eradicate the mould by disinfecting the region and killing the current growth, this can also help to prevent mould growth in the future.

· Pest infestation

Creepy pests might make their home in your air ducts and pollute the air which is carried throughout your house with their odour and debris. So, if you spot any pests in or around your home and see that there is a decline in your air duct’s performance, then you need to carry out a proper system for eradication of these pests.

· Excess debris or dust partices

One other reason why you need to clean the air ducts is accumulation of dust, pet dander, dead skin remains, and hazardous bacteria which build up over time in your air ductwork. This extra debris might build up visibly in form of the dust which gets circulated through air vents. This built up might put you and the members of your family at a huge risk and harm your respiratory health and create health issues,

So, to deal with this issue, a deep cleaning session for your air ducts might sweep them free from this gathered filth to assure maximum airflow which is clean and safe for your family and also for your pets.

· If you catch cold or have allergy like symptoms

Cleaning your air ducts is good for overall health. But, in case your ducts are dirty, they might spread contaminated air which might also trigger or give rise to allergy and cold for people who are living within the home. Dust mites can also grow on human debris and stay within the buildup in air ducts and result in allergy or asthma.

Family members who have respiratory problems are generally especially vulnerable to falling sick while exposed to harmful air quality. Hence, it is important to take care of your air quality and opt for routine air duct cleaning.

From whom can I clean my air ducts?

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